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Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's On Thursday???

Thursday was awkward...

My step-brother stayed over the day before. My dad (I mean stepdad) was, as always, overjoyed.

I was (kind of) forced to follow my family to the Sunway Lagoon (I went there 3 weeks ago. So boring! But the whole family, including my 2 cousins were going, so I couldn't refuse...). The trip, was not a pain, but not pleasing either. I mean, you know... that little runt (the steppie) was a crybaby, had been spoiled too much by his parents, and the boys hated him. I didn't like him much either, but I had no choice but to let him join us (or else he'd cry. duh~). And the boys refused to walk with him, so I WAS THE ONE who have to babysit him. What a pain for a lazybum like me....

By the way, we didn't really take pictures - it was wet everywhere. And after we walked out of that place, we were too tired for any pix. But here's a pic of the boys...

For an appetizer, we bought J.Ko!!!!!!!! It's the first time for my family to taste J.Ko's doughnuts (they only eat Dunkin' and Big Apple before) and they were totally awed by it!

Then dine at Soho. Dad ordered too much lauk and we ended up leaving the food half eaten. What a waste!

And back home, retired. Huh... I was driving one of the car, and the traffic was conjested along the way back from Sunway. So tiring!

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