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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Namae wa? - "The Berries Siblings"

I give nicknames to all my favourite belongings. I wonder if it's a weird thing to do, but I certainly like it. It's as though they are my friends.

It started out with my car, name Blackberry. He was originally "Antique Blackberry" since he's black and it's... erm... you can say he looks a little aged. But then I realized rather than antique, he actually looks more like a thug with all those scars (scratches) and the jaw fracture (the bumper's hanging out of its place), so I remove "antique" in the name.

Then I name my laptop Mulberry (since my Yahoo username at that moment was Melberry). And then my bag for class is Cherry Tree (it's written on her when I bought her).

Then I realized all of them are BERRIES!

Later, I found myself calling out for some more berries - my MP3 (Cranberry - after the band I used to like back at school - The Cranberries), my phone (Merry - I was reading One Piece when I named her, and their ship is called Going Merry), my thumbdrive (Blueberry, coz his skin is blue), and my portable reading light (Lolliberry, coz she looks like a lollipop!)

I think my insanity's going way too far.... Should I be sad? Should I? Should I? (feeling so hyped up~)

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syahir suhaimi said...

then u get berryberry disease... huhahah... baru mrane!

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