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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Full!

This whole week, the only fruit I eat is persimmons (some call it yufu). The whole week!

Mom was so thrilled to find large persimmons so cheap at a mall in Kajang (RM0.85 each), she bought a dozen of it. But then, when the mall raised up the price, she went to pasar malam and was more thrilled to find persimmons at cheaper price (RM0.80 each) and bought 2 dozens of it! (Mom can be like like Misae sometimes) And dad doesn't like it much, so the only ones who ate it were the three of us (mom, adik, and me)!

And mom suddenly cut her tongue (she got a sensitive tongue) and refuse to eat it no more!

These are what's left now. And I'm not gonna eat it anymore. I'm sick of it!

But mom said "if you two not gonna eat it, it'll turn bad. That's a waste of money!"

I'm thinking of giving it to the neighbour, but mom'll surely know. Anyone wants them??

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syahir suhaimi said...

i want them!

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