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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Again...At home...Doing Nothing....

That's the problem when I'm broke and I sleep so late!

I slept around7.30 in the morning. I thought I heard my mom's voice asking whether I wanna follow her to a relative's wedding, but I thought it was just a dream. I was half asleep when I say 'no' (which I didn't remember say it, and my brother swore I even said "nak buat ape gi tengok orang kawin? boring la.."). When I wake up aroun 2.30, the house was already emptied. I was left alone!

Alone! At home! Sitting in front of the TV watching the documentaries in Discovery Channel (there's nothing interesting on air!), surf the net, eat, TV some more...... How I wish I have some money and able to go out! But since I'm broke, I wish I wasn't up so late last night - the wedding may be boring, but at least I can go out! Waaaaaaa...........................

~We long for holidays when our days are packed with classes... We long for classes when our days are empty with holidays~

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