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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The reason why Maths teacher shouldn't teach Malay...

SOY bean is good for your health - for the heart, for blood pressure, bla... bla.... I'm not gonna talk facts here, you can get that from Google anyway. But I don't think you can get this fact from googling.

Do you know that soy milk a.k.a air soya is also called air tauhu by some people? Well, not all, but there's a few out there who had been calling soy milk as air tauhu, although it wasn't exactly processed from tauhu (or tofu, as some people call it)

So, I wanna say....

Air soya is made out of soy
Tauhu is made out of soy
By simultaneous equation, we'll get
Air Soya = Air Tauhu

Let's say

Air soya is made out of soy
Tempe is made out of soy
By simultaneous equation, shouldn't it be
Air soya = Air Tempe ??????

EEEEwwwww.... air tempe????
Eating raw tempe is not so tasty, yet air tempe?????

p/s: For those who don't know tempe, tempe is famously known in area with Javanese people in Malaysia (mostly Johor and Selangor). Google it to find out more. Or find me in UNITEN, I'll bring you to Pasar Malam and buy you some

Saturday, February 14, 2009

80's babies! Do these ring a bell? \\(^___^)//

There's a group in Facebook I recently joined - Are You a Malaysian 80's babies.

Well, here I copied out the signs to show that you are an 80-s
baby (born in year'80-'89, and '90) :

we grew up watching Transformers,
Thundercats, Woody Woodpecker, Sailor Moon,
Chipmunks, Mickey Mouse, Jem, Mask,
Ninja Turtles, Voltron, Baja Hitam, Dragon Ball,
Ultraman n not forgettin POWER RANGERS

had to brush our teeths during recess
at primary school? had to hold plastic
cups, line up with your classmates side
by side and start brushing our teeths
at some open area... or maybe near some

not to forget our 'program minum susu'
in primary school.. everybody is
to buy like cartons of milk that
costed 30 cents each.. and you would
everyone drinking it everyday...its d
UHT milk...

the teachers who would want to punish
us must use yellow rulers to hit us on
our palms?? 1 metre length..

that a bowl of mihun soup or some soup
only costed 50 cents at the school

went to some sundry shop near the
school or to the 'roti' man waiting
outside our schools so that we can buy
junk food like chickedees, mamee, ding
dang with some toys in it, 'Ti Kam',
ice-cream and we would play games like
monopoly, uno, old maid, and all other
card games like that...

another fun time would be during
Pendidikan Jasmani. the boys would
play football while the girls would
play netball... and it would be like we
were playing in the world cup...

but of course. the best would be main
guli, batu seremban, bottlecaps, ice-
cream sticks, 'Pepsi Cola one-two-
three', Cops and Robbers, main aci
duduk, main getah... and for the not so
active, those kind of 'book games'
we would use buku latihan to draw and
ask our friends to play... and also play dot
(titik) where its like conquering the
other party's dots? we use brains too
rite :D

do you remember the popsicles (ice-
cream tubes) which are actually ice and
colouring that are sold for 10 to 20
cents.. the colourful ones.. where you
usually bite off the top to glup it
down.orange tastes b best..

what about days when we felt like doing
naughty things such as folding papers
so small to make 'lastik' amd shoot
each other... how about throwing

in computer class, we were still using
black and white computer moniters..
played 'Atari'... maybe SEGA or

well, are we all getting older or what?

1) if you understand what you have read
and you are smiling...

2) we have friends from school that are
already married...

3) we shake our heads everytime we
see high school students fussing about
their handphones in school..

4) we don't hang on phone with our
friends for hours a day talking about

5) when we meet back with our friends
from time to time, we feel excited and
happy talking about old times, the
funny 'adventures' or stories that we
experienced as a kid..

6) last but not least, that when you
read this, you would think of all the
happy & sad memories that you have
experienced when you were still a kid
and would think of forwarding this to
your old friends that you have known
since forever... i'm sure they would
have a huge smile on their face after
reading this.....

7) im pretty sure we all miss our
school life

we're all getting older

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Silat steps - My Way

Knowledge in silat steps is handy for weaklings who want to protect themselves from physical violence in the world outside their safe zone. Rapes, robbing, kidnapping – you can defend yourself against these kind of violence with steps you learn in silat.

But learning silat is handful for lazy bums like me. And for those with sloppy mind like mine, we sure will forget everything we’ve learned when coming to a desperate situation. But here are some steps that we may not forget, that we may be using it out of reflex. It may not serve the attacker right, but at least we can get away.

  1. Someone choke your neck. You…..

Pull out one of his/her little finger until it cracks. Imagine, to have your little finger cracked, ouch! Painful! And so will the attacker too

Possibility to get away: Quite high, if you can crack it before you are choked to death

Real method: duck, twist your head under the attacker’s arm and get away).

  1. Someone grab your hand. You…..

Shout! Don’t just try to pull yourself and cry. If there’s nobody nearby, you bite! Possibilities to get away: depends on your luck and on the attacker’s strength

Real method: there are a lot of method to twist the attackers wrist. More info, consult a friend who is a silat practitioner

  1. Someone grab your body from the back. You…..

Use your elbow to thrust the attacker’s stomach. Twist your arm so your elbow will act like a drill that digs his/her tummy.

Possibilities to get away: if you have elbows as sharp as mine, the percentage may be high. But if not, at least you can tickle the attacker. Hehe…

Real method: thrust your elbow to the attacker’s rib. When he/she loosen up his/her grab, thrust the “sensitive part” (you know what I mean…) and run.

  1. Someone threat you with a knife on your throat. You…..

Just give your wallet or whatever valuable stuff you have.

Possibilities to get away: high, if money is what the attacker wants. Otherwise, hurm… I wish you luck!

Real method: That is the real method! Even if you duck a little, or you try a simple move, the knife will slit your throat just like that. You may not die from the cut, but you will die of blood loss. If you want to know a more efficient way, learn silat from a real guru.

  1. If someone you love was threatened with knife (as in above), you…..

Exchange place with him/her.

Possibilities to get away: Well, erm… Make sure you pray to God or declare your shahada before doing it, in case you can’t make it out alive. At least you die peacefully, rather than live with guilt burdens you, in case something happen to that love one of yours. Okay, the reason is a little selfish, but, hey, it’s just an opinion! Hehe…

Real method: calm that attacker, use psychology on him/her. And make sure neither you, you loved ones and anyone around him are provoking him. Then, hurm…. No idea yet. Sowieeee…..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You wish me, I wish you too!~

8th February, the date I was brought to this world 2 decades ago. Wait! 2 decades?? As in 2 times with 10 years equals to 20 years old??? I’m OOOOOLD!!!!!!

But please, rather than 20, I’d prefer "2 decades" of age please… (“2” without “decades” versus “20”, “2” sounds smaller. Hehe…)

Yea… 2 decades had passed since this brat came to life, infinite thanks to my mom. Fortunate for me for coming this far, but unfortunate for those who had been hating me.

My wish for me before blowing my candles:
Long live, good fortune, excellent CGPA, happy, friends, bla… bla… bla…. Hey, you don’t expect me to say out all my wish here, do you? That is so….. RAHSIA WANITA!

My words for my friends:
**For those who remember my birthday, thanks for the wishes! (^o^)
**For those who remembers but couldn’t be able to bring forward the wish, thanks for remembering! (^_^)
**For those who remembers but since they are now hating me or they thought we are now just a glimpse of each other’s past, thanks for remembering , and I’m still wishing you could be my present, in peace, no war. (-_-)
**For those who forget, thanks for remembering later (-__-“) (if you never even remembers, thanks anyway, for nothing. Hehe….)
**For those who don’t know, MY BIRTHDAY HAD PASSED! YAY!!!!~~~~

But special thanks for those who were there when the clock pointed sharp midnight (but I still hold a grudge over ‘that’ matter! Unrelated people don’t have to know. Hehe…). Not to forget those who keep me company during day (you guys are so cute when going out. Haha….). And those who brought me the presents (those are very thoughtful, so lovin’ them! Hehe…). And those who prepared the ice cream cake, sedapnya! Thanks soooo very much! And a special thanks goes to my parents, especially (but they never read my blog, anyway...)

I love you love you love you guys! Your name will be carved forever in my diary (I can’t guarantee a place in my mind all the time since I forget easily. Hehe…. But I’ll try ^o^)


(added 25th February)

btw, that cake was a present by one of WEINAM (you don't have to know what it means. Secret~!) And I totally didn't eat the cake alone....<------ just wanna make it clear, since there was some misunderstanding regarding this. wuuuuu..........

Friday, February 6, 2009

Internet = double identity?

I believe that a lot of people out there acts as a different person on the net. In chatroom, forums, blogs, they tend to be the person they are not meant to be in the real world - cool, outgoing, funny... (wait! I'm not accusing you cool people are faking your coolness! well, maybe you are, without you realizing it. hehe...)

But I didn't believe I was one of them! But I was... And it was pathetic!

There's a blog I've been following since I first read it. It looks spontaneous, simple, but funny. It kinda killing my ego to say the blog name out loud, but let me give a hint - it is in one of the name listed or will be listed on the right side of this blog (in followers or links? I won't tell. hehe.. figure it out yourself).

I, urm, adore the blog at first, but then comes envy, and followed by desire. I envy the blog to have such a sparkling coolness, and all of the sudden I feel the desire to have such a cool blog (so that people can see me as a cool person, at least in this virtual world of blogosphere...

I began to create a new blog under a new unknown name, and wrote in Malay since that writer writes in Malay (oops? another hint?)and I can write better and cooler in Malay. And I talk about stupid stuff that may attract people to read.

But then my exam came up, and I was all too stressed up to write funny posts, so the blog only lasted less than a month. Haha....

Now come to think of it, I'm so silly to be a person I'm not, and try to act so cool. I'm not all funny. I'm not all outgoing. I'm not all the good criteria that may dazzle others. But one thing I know, I'M ATTRACTIVE, IN MY OWN WAY. I can be funny, silly, mad, angry, talkative, gloomy, confusing, etc. I can be all that, but not in all time. And that makes me and my blogwriting ONE OF A KIND. Not all people may like me, but there's suppose to be some that do.

Realizing my own potential makes me feel waaaaaaaaaayyyyy better and all motivated. And you should, too. YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE, IN YOUR OWN WAY!~

New is good? I'm not sure...

Normally, for normal people (abnormal people may be an exception), there are only 2 possibilities that may occur when coming to a new place - either it freshens your mood or it turns you down.

Well, for me, it's kinda scary to visit a new place without seeking for any review about it beforehand. "Tak kenal maka tak cinta" but why waste money to try things that may betray your mood?

As for today, my bottom molar teeth was kiling me. So I visit a denstist - a new dentistry, since my regular clinic has moved to Semenyih (you can say it's far from my place). And guess what? I spent RM80, and not only that my bottom tooth got worse, it made my upper tooth swell too! (The doctor claimed that the real decayed tooth was the top tooth, not the bottom one. So he fixed the top one instead!)

One incident not enough for a day.

My friends and I went to a new bistro near our place. It looked nice, and the prices written on the menu was cheap. But, yea... New stuff... Turn out that the service sucks, the lighting makes the area too warm, and the prices were just dummies!!! It's more expensive!!!

I hate new places!!! X(