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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Week (-_-")

Internet Connection

Good News: It had been upgraded.

Bad News: The connection is soooo damn slow, it took us almost half an hour to open a Yahoo! and almost impossible to open anything, even to open an intranet page (pages generated inside the college and only can be viewed by using the LAN port in our apartments).

And today we've finally know what did the department do to the connection. We got an email from the departnment saying:

To ensure a better and faster internet services by reducing some of this activities
a. Online gaming / LAN Party.
b. Video streaming / direct downloads.
c. File transfer via IM (yahoo messenger, skype, etc).
d. File sharing other than http's web server.
e. Tunneling for download unnecessary material
as it can cause negative effect to the network performance. If these activities still continue at the current level, web filtering software will be applied and certain websites blocking will be deploy starting this semester.

But the thing is.... the connection only make our connection worse! And they even reducing LAN Party? And video streaming? And direct downloads? And what did they mean by unnecessary downloads???Uggghhhhhhh!!!! These people never think!!!!! Are we paying RM245 per room per month just for this??? Ceh!!!

Retake Subject
I went to see my advisor to discuss about my current GPA. I usually don't like to be nagged, especially by someone I just met for the first time (I never met him before. Lousy advisee), but all his words really struck me with all the shot so accurate! He list out all my possible bad habits in class and my bad study style, which almost all of them are correct!

He advised me to retake 2 subjects, which cost RM1323 each! Mane nak cekau $$$$$???? So I decided to only retake 1 subject. Sorry sir!

Witch Guard
I fought with my old enemy, an Indian guard from last semester. Huh... So tiring. And I didn't give enough effort to pull her down (I'm trying to be a better person this sem...). I wrote about this this afternoon, but the saving was failed and I lost my story. Ceh! If I rajin, I'll write here OK!

2 bebelan orang:

haidan_imia said...

hihi..dulu i pon ade witch guard gak..
tp versi men..
pak guard kepala botak i pggil die..
kerek jer..

Melly said...

wohaha... botak??? ape lagi, perli la die abes2!~

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