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Saturday, November 29, 2008

What was on Wednesday????

As promised, the 'refreshment' I was talking about earlier (as if you cared, haha..)

After all those days in confinement (well, I was ringgitless, and although I own a car, the petrol is my mom's, so I wasn't allowed to drive far, except this day. T.T )

I was sooooooo excited, I took mountain of pictures along the way. Don't worry, you won't have to look at all of them. Just a few bunch that I like it to be reviewed... ^o^

What is this? So much holes but only 2 windows, and all those bird-chirping echoing the place. But it doesn't look so bird-loving here....

SUNGAI RABA??? Sounds dangerous to the girls...

Lots of camwhores while driving. I really mean 'WHILE DRIVING!' at at least 70km/h. Hehe...

Wooo!!!! This place is far better than I expected!


Went to visit Makam Sultan at Jugra but the place is creepy, I didn't dare to enter!

The little girl in orange said hi to me. So cute!

No wonder Tiya love Econsave soooooo very much~

look at the mirror in McD Banting. Outside the toilet! Now how am I suppose to fix my makeup? XP

Tiya looks so calm while driving. But I look so pale everytime she brakes at the very last second!

Red light. Take some more pix...

Kenyang perut, suka hati, klik! klik!

What's she digging for? Oh well... Let her be. Hoho....

Time for eye checkup!

In order to find the chosen one...

Saja je... I just thought this is pretty....

What a dork!

The moment of truth - Tiya's choosing her partner... The frames she chose was stylish! I like it!!!

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