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Friday, March 27, 2009

Human is so weak! Such a tiny attack can get them blown off. Ceh!

So many people around me got sick this week. C'mon guys... How can you lose from the treacherous attack of the wandering homeless viruses? Get a grip! Fight for your health! Uggghhh... That goes to me too... Achooo!!!~

(wait. I'm blowing my nose)

Uggghhh... For the past 2 semesters, I had been getting a cold right before my final exams. And for the rest of the week, I had to be pampered by the thick sweater around me, and the tissue rubbing my nose so it wouldn't be all so stuffy.

But not in this semester! NO! I won't allow that! Still have 2 days to fight, so please, my dear immune system... My mighty metabolism... Fight by any means to keep up with my health quality... Don't betray me at the last minute... It's still fine to have my throat sore and my nose running around (get it? running nose...?), but not the fever... (T-T)


For my housemates, my BFFs, and my friends, please take care of your health. Fight-oh!~

Immune system dear, please don't let us down...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

McD oH McD.....

So, people make mistakes. And sometimes they can be so silly. Whatever... That's what make us human anyway....

McShaker fries - what would it be without the powder that taste like BBQ's. But I didn't heard of any other taste. Until that night when I ordered it at the counter.

McD staff: So, cik nak rasa coklat ke stawberry?
Mel: (Confused) Errr..... Ada ke rasa tu? BBQ?
McD staff: (Speechless)

Only then I realized that she was refering to MilkShake, since I called McShaker as McShake. That was so stupid of me!!~

And when my McShaker was ready,

McD staff: McShaker satu, rasa BBQ.

Amboi, perli nampak????


But I'm not the only one having such a silly McD moment. One friend of mine (a Kelantanese) once made a mistake while ordering.

McD staff: Ye, makan sini ke bungkus?
My Friend: Milo Beng sa! (Milo ais tabur, I think)
McD staff: (frown. maybe thinking "What's that again?") -citation needed-

Haha....he's funny.... This is not Mamak's la wei.... lol ^_^

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Try talk to me for the first time – lower down your voice, just a little lower than your usual volume. You’ll find that the first thing I’m going to say to you is “Huh? Apa???” or in some cases I’ll go “Err… ulang balik…”

D-uh~… I’m quarter to deaf already. But ever since I downloaded lots pop and rock songs, I kept playing them with my headphones, loudly. And now, thanks to the intranet owner who let me download those song (now I’m blaming someone else. Haha) , I’m now half-deaf!

Isk... Isk....

It’s kind of embarrassing when talking to my phone – I kept saying “Haa??” and “Apa?”, since I can’t hear them well. And to make it even worse, my phone kept making noises just to disrupt my conversation! Ceh!

Now I feel like an almost-deaf senile granny!!!

But I can’t lower down the volume of my headphones – that would be boring! I refuse to! No matter how many times my cochlea complain! (Adoi…. I’m so ketegaq!~ )

Btw, ketegaq means stubborn. Soooo me!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

When the brain of a simple-minded organism is overworked, overtime is never a good idea

Looking at my recent post, the draft, and my diary (not in the blog, of course), I realize I have a new habit of relating my feelings with songs in my playlist!

Not that it's bad or anything.

Maybe be'cuz I've been listening too much of my playlists, and have been slacking off more - surfing the net for lyrics (usually do that when I'm done checking out my facebook and got fed up over bloghopping and youtube-ing).

But looking at the song list that I relate with my feelings, I realized that the songs are mostly miserable and melancholic - or at least sad. Am I depressed or something? Do I need some meds? It's near final paper, so I have to keep up with my mental health. Ok, fine. If I failed my paper or get bad result, it's be'cuz my mental is not in a good condition. I need to put all blame to those who mess up my head. Ok, it's decided! All the blames are to be put to that one and only MAKCIKGUARDSIALBABI in UNITEN!

Haha... Can my excuse be relevant? ^______^


The Song in My Heart, Today....

From anime "Nana"
"Wish" by Olivia Lufkin

mabataki ga kaze wo yobu
hohoemi ga zawameki wo keshisaru
anata no me ni sumu tenshi ga sasayaku
subete ga ima hajimaru to

can you feel it now
can you feel it now
nami ni nomikomareta you ni
pulling on my heart
pulling on my heart
iki wo tome te wo nobashite

baby kono sekai wa
kinou to wa chigau
anata no koto shika mienai
baby my wish on a wing
kono sora wo saite
afureru hitotsu no kotoba de

kagayaki wo tadoru shisen
mayowazu anata e hashiru noni
tachisukumu kokoro tameiki wo tsuku
marude nagai tabi no you de

can you feel it now
can you feel it now
toki wa mujou ni nagareteku
pulling on my heart
pulling on my heart
kono omoi tokihanashite

baby mou mirai mo
yakusoku mo iranai
anata ga soko ni iru dake de
baby my wish on a wing
kono koe wo tobase
furueru hoshi wo tsuki nukete

do you feel me?
do you feel me now?

baby kono sekai wa
kinou to wa chigau
anata no koto shika mienai
baby my wish on a wing
kono sora wo saite
afureru hitotsu no kotoba de

baby mou mirai mo
yakusoku mo iranai
anata ga soko ni iru dake de
baby my wish on a wing
kono koe wo toba se
furueru hoshi wo tsuki nukete

~~ Love this song since the first time I heard it in the anime. Back then, I only loved the music, but when I read the lyric recently (the translation, of course), well, as always, I realize it has a touch of similarity with my current 'life'... *sad*~~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tagged? C'mon la....

Bloghopping some more and I came across some "tagged" thingy. And then my mind started to recall something - I've been tagged too, by
Mein Melon
. Eisk! Syahir reminded me bout that tagged, but..... Well, sorry to say, I don't do this kinda stuff.

Why? Let me complete the slogan:
I refuse to post the tagged because............................................(not longer than 5 reason)

1. I had to paste the crazy frog image along with the tag post - and I HATE that naked mole-like alien jiji (old man, in Japanese)!

2. I hate quizes. By that, I mean I don't like questions or any trivia

3. I hate to flood my own blog. My own blabs without any questions already consume too much space. If I were to post the tag, hell the post would be wayyyy loooong! Boring~

4. I hate to tag another people! 8 people at the same time! Malas la...

5. Hate to be rajin! Haha...

That's all. And thank you. XP

Pink, I totally feel the same way as you do.....

She's back on drugs again
Even though she knows it ain't right
She can't even call up her friends
And say "help me save my life"
She's so ashamed of herself that
she's come full circle
Nobody understands what it's like to
Be this girl
So she disappeared, and she
Wasn't clear, and she
Didn't say where she was going

Save my life, won't you help me
Save my life, won't you help me
Save my life, won't you hear me
Save my life, won't you help me

She had the man of her dreams
And some success
And she was so happy, and looking well
It was this one dark night, that she
And then the next morning that she
Felt like a piece of shit
So she's hanging out, and she's
With the crowd, and she's
Travelin' where the wind is blowing

Save my life, would you help me?

- Pink - Save My Life -

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So, another joke to piss me off.... Ok....WTH!

On the holy day of maulidurrasul, I accidentally called out unholy name of "SIAL". Errrrr..... sorry..... Reflex reaction, man!

Unlike the ordinary usual of ordinary day, the Uniten security polices on that day was extraordinary hardworking. They stopped ALL the cars that passed thru entranced just to ask SILLY question of :

"Nak pegi mana?"

Well, obviously, to Uniten. D-uh~ And whereabout in Uniten is none of their bussiness! Then came second question:

"Staff ke?"

Well, I'm not. But it's still forgiveable - lots of people assume me to be older, thanks to my matured look. But, hello... What is my car sticker for? It's written "MURNI" and "STUDENT". Obviously the car belongs to a female student living inside Murni apartment inside UNITEN!!!

Nevermind. I'm cool. Stay cool. So I replied "Tak la. Student."

Then he looked inside my car - 4 girls at the back and a matured-looking guy next to me - and said:

"4 orang student ke?"

Ohohhhhh..... Now that's over the limit. So what are we at the front seat? MAK BAPAK KEPADA 4 ORANG ANAK POMPUAN YANG BELAJAR KAT UNITEN???????? Both of us do look matured but I'm sure we don't look like a middle aged parents with teenage daughters!!!!!

I drove away with my head boiled up - and worse, I can feel a heavy aura from behind me.... (fyi, the guy's girlfriend is sitting at the back seats)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just my gibberish talk. Boring... Just ignore....

Happiness is a sin... At least I believe in that. The elders used to say "don't laugh too much. you'll cry at the next hour". And yeah, everytime I taste a little bit of happiness, the taste will become sour at the next seconds. Life's too short, but yet my happiness is waaayyyy shorter. And it'll take me millions of seconds to forgive, and an eternity to forget. It's always starts and ends the same way - smile, laugh, cry, and then mourn. D-uh...

Yea... The higher you climb, the bigger the acceleration, the bigger the impact, and the more painful you can get. Gravity can be mean, and so does my fate. And I'm a person who loves to climb so high even though I shouldn't. And when I fall, the pain will paralyze my mind and my soul, and I'll lose my senses.

So, after all those falls, I decided to shut myself in my own mansion, where everything is safe from the ruthless outside world. Watching the giggling townspeople from the window was my only entertainment, and the feeling of security to be in my mansion undiscovered was my only happiness.

But without me knowing, the townspeople starts to invade my mansion. I, somehow, didn't feel disturbed, but rather I felt warm. The feeling that I'd forgotten came back to me again. And like before, I started to feel so high, so carefree, as though I've come back from the death...

Dear God, The Almighty, please don't let me fall again. Let me fly with these people. Even if you want me to fall, please lower down the gravity, so my fall won't be so fast and the pain won't kill me... And please don't let me fly so far away and forget the people behind me.... Amin....

Ah~ I told you they are all gibberish talk. Siapa suruh baca? Hahaaa....