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Friday, November 21, 2008

My New Template!♥

I've changed my templates for more than 20 times in 3 days! It's so hard, y'know, to have been so stupid in generating codes and stuff, but yet so picky and sadly i got stuck in blogskin.com which contains the whole lots of skins that is mostly not even close to what i wanted (mengada!)

And I finally end up with this one - Butterfly from bloggerbuster.com. Simple, not so cheerful yet not so gloomy, and elegent. Love it! Phew~

But someone IM me bragging she found the template I was using, and it was all over the net, not only in bloggerbuster. Really? How come I didn't find them? Anyway, why did I felt like she was teasing me for not being able to create my own template like her? Huhuuuuu.... Sape yang makan cili tu, rasa-rasalah pedasnye, ye.... Hurm... really wanna learn about all these... Anyone, help me~

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