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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Man Who Live In The Airport

I'm sure all of you ever heard or read about this man (it's in Yahoo! News anyway), but I still wanna write about it.
For 3 months since Sept. 2, Hiroshi Nohara had been living in the Terminal 1 Bernito Juarez International Airport, surviving off sleeping on a chair and foods from food donations from the passers-by and the restaurants (they give out foods for promotional purpose, since this guy attract tourists, despite how filthy he looks and how smelly he is).

It's not like he has no ticket to go back to Japan (since the Japan Embassy has gotten him a tourist visa and return-ticket home).

Btw, his look is... I suppose like any beggars suppose to be - scraggy goatee, dusty hair which is full of dandruff, dirty overuse jacket and fleece blanket, and of course terrible smell for not taking any shower for so long.

And his reason for this: "I don't understand why I'm here.".


p/s: I wonder if he don't know how to use the bathroom to take shower. And there's no way that there is no soap in the bathroom...

p/p/s: This is ridiculous! I bet living in Japan is such a misery for him... Hurm....

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