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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sakit ke....???

I kept wondering was it the broadband connector device or my laptop or the line itself that made streaming ridiculously slow, like siput b*bi. And since the connection was so slow, i didn't bother to update the antivirus for 3 weeks.

And after 1hr 43min 25sec of the updating process, I scanned my laptop and tadaaa!!! 3 trojan and 1 worm was detected! My lappy's ill!!! No wonder streaming was that slow (I didnt realize it was also slow during offline, since the only things i do offline are reading ebooks, watching videoes, and listening to the MP3).

Cian Mulberry<---my lappy's name (lantak korang la kalo nak kata the name's too cute for me). I let it ill for a long time....

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