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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's box the cat for fun

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Cats can be silly - and that's what makes them cute.

I found this vid after watching one in Yahoo!. And of course, one led to another... But here's my top picks:

The cat who is obsessed with boxes
And thinks that he's small enough to fit in.

The stalking cat
Look carefully, and you'll see how creepy it is.



Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Study Effectively

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A friend of mine taught me some tricks on how to learn effectively. The trick has something to do with tuning your brain waves into a relaxing state. And she told me, it really works!

Yea, nice cartoon.
Now, you see, you need A BRAIN to use this method.

What am I saying?

Well, the trick has something to do with entering THE ALPHA STATE before opening up your books to study.

Now, you might want to Google up: "What is Alpha State"

One of the many techniques to enter the Alpha State is to imagine certain numbers while eyes closed and mind not think of anything else (picture them very clearly, not just blurry image in your head), and chant some words of persuading ourselves into relaxation.

So I head off:




Back to 9....... Wait, which 9 should I imagine? 9 the upside-down of 6, or the 9 that I usually write? Ahaaa, interesting fact: 9 in German is "neun" and the way to say it is "noyn". And in French it is called "neuf" as in "nerf", man, French is hard....... WAIT! FOCUS!!!!!

Ok, back to 9.............. "I'm relaxing..."

8.............. "I'm controlling my breathe..."

7........ Aww, why do I picture my own writing on 7? Now it looks like a sword. Wait, no it looks like 1. No, wait, wait.... FOCUS!!!!

7.............."Err, what should I say?"


Maybe my brain looks like Homey's:

No way. Just kidding.

Back to the topic. Now, let's see if you can get it right. The method I'm trying to use is actually from this link below:

The chanting could be anything, up to you. The trick is not to stress yourself up, which I fail with flying colours.

And after some Googles, I found that Alpha State can also be induced using audio. You need to purchase the audios though, search it online. But here's a link of a free online mp3:

But the voice of the man freaks me out, sounds like a rapist trying to hypnotize the victim. Well, maybe I should find a woman's voice instead, later.

And here's some links on meditation, in case you're interested (it is harder, I tell you)



Lastly, just to clear things up, my brain doesn't look like Homey's. According to the mighty internet, it should look like this:

Not like Homey's, it's big!
Why am I so serious?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Concert Rate? I mean, 'CONCENTRATE'!

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It's so hard to concentrate! Not just in study - even when listening to my friends talking, my mind would be half wandering and I'd end up pretending some fake nods. Bullshit! (Now you know why I'm so attentive at listening to you guys. It's because I don't actually listen. Hah!)

And this 3-weeks semester break is taking whatever left in my brain.

I read blogs and when I'm about to comment, I'd have to reread again coz I actually kinda lost of what the posts are about (that's why I don't do bloghopping anymore)

I open Youtube coz I want to watch an Annoying Orange, instead I clicked on fanvids about Tokio Hotel or Kelly Clarkson for hours (Damn the "Recommended for You" column!)

I go to the kitchen to get myself some hot tea, but then I open the fridge and have to wonder for a complete 60 seconds on "why I'm here in the first place?" (lucky my mom don't stock up our fridge with junk food anymore. Otherwise, I'll be reaching them instead)

Is this a sign on Alzheimer's?
Aku dah nak nyanyuk ke???
But my mom said neither she nor my dad got any family history getting Alzheimer's...

Concentrate.... Concentrate....
Might as well do this pose in the toilet. Good for indigestion

Anyway.... Out of boredom, I came across these sites, might help you as well:


It's kinda helpful, I guess. With that 'tratak', and the yogic technique... and stuff.


It ask me to relaz, and free my mind... Well, that sort of thing.

Well, you probably can guess now that I don't actually read them. It's soooo HARDDDD to concentrate reading it. There are too many alphabets. So dizzzyyyyyy.......!!

p/s: Those suffering the same complication as me probably won't read till the end. Or probably skipped all through till the end and only read this footnote. I know I would. And in case you're wondering, I don't even sure what I'm writing - didn't bother to check my writing because that would blank me out!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7 Fakta menarik Pasal Putrajaya (yang lain dari apa yang korang selalu dengar)

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One day, adalah teman ni bertanya, "Aku nak datang Putrajaya ni. Apa best kat sana haa?"

And I bet ramai orang kat luar sana tu pun nak bertanya benda yang sama.

So, biar aku yang dah duduk sini selama enam tahun ni (bongkak siottt) listkan.

1. Putrajaya 'banyak' bangunan menarik

Bangunan2 sini mempunyai ciri kesenian arkitektural yang memukau. Pengunjung dibenarkan masuk ke setiap bangunan, tapi setakat di lobi je la. Kalau degil jugak nak explore, pegi masuk masjid. Ada 2 masjid pulak tu.

2. Putrajaya banyak tempat maksiat

Tasik-tasik indah, taman-taman permai yang menjadi malap bila malam menjelang. Jika anda duduk berdua, jangkakanlah kedatangan "yang ketiga" (setan la)

3. Bila dah bertiga, pasti ada yang keempat, dan kelima, dan keenam...

Banyak tempat maksiat, banyak juga la pihak JAWI datang berkeliaran. Bagi sesiapa yang datang untuk bermaksiat, untung2 dapat bilik percuma. Hah! Duduk balai la bang!

4. Aku kata belok kiri!

"Belok kiri jika tiada kenderaan", kata papan2 tanda di sini. Siapa yang termasuk lorong kiri walaupun anda nak terus, jangan terasa bila kadang2 orang sini hon. Siapa la yang cipta signboard ni? Diorang hingat satu Malaysia ada jalan besar gadang macam kat sini agaknya...

5. Polis sayang kami

Bagi sesiapa yang trauma dengan polis, rasa2 boleh terberak kalau Tok Misai datang tegur, jangan datang sini. Perompak dan peragut pun jangan datang. Polis sini memang rajin meronda. Mana pergi, ada je batang hidung diorang. Kalau korang berhentikan kereta kat tepi jalan pun kadang2 kena soal siasat (aku selalu kena). Yang paling best, polis sini rajin buka buku. Bukan facebook ye, tapi saman. Kalau korang tak baharukan road tax, pastikan ada RM50 dalam poket, kalau tak, tak pasal2 kena RM180 punya saman (selepas diskaun)

6. Hati-hati kepada penipu

Penipu terbesar di sini bukan manusia, tapi papan tanda. Jangan korang percaya papan tanda kat sini. Perjalanan 5 minit anda akan end up jadi 25 minit sebab sesat or ikut jalan jauh. But then again korang ada choice lain ke? Hahaaaa ikut je la... Daripada sesat terus tak jumpa jalan, baik ikut arahan sang penipu ni kan? But for us, kitorang memang dah masak jalan sini, takde hal la....

7. Di Putrajaya ada sebuah universiti.

Private universiti. Namanya UNITEN; kampus Putrajaya. Padahal terletak di Bangi, atau lebih tepat lagi Jalan Kajang-Puchong. Turut tersenarai dalam senarai universiti2 Cyberjaya. Amboi, tamak sungguh universiti ni. Semua nama tempat pun dia nak bolot.