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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DON'T HAVE TO READ. Just An Annoying Anguished Talk Of A Girl Who Love To Grumble

I don’t get it!

Why do people have to feel envious of other people’s happiness?? Why do they get in the way and destroy everything other people have??? It’s OK to feel jealous to see others happy, but evilly envious and sabotages??? And worse, ILMU HITAM????? TWICE????

Why can’t that person just leave the past and move on???? It’s not their fault your partner walked away!!!! You were the one who treated him like shit, cheated all his money, and took away all his treasure, and now that he has a new life you wanna destroy it???? He’s not gonna coming back to you no matter what evil plan you have, no matter how many hantu you send, he’s not gonna coming back to you!!!!!!!

If you really want him so badly, you just have to do what HUMAN do – being nice!!!!! Or at least, give him back some of his most precious treasures! Not acting so egoic and do all the sabotages!!!!! You are soooo a pathetic lonely woman who don’t know how to love and how to appreciate others’ loves!!!!!! So evil!!!!! Muka je cantik, hati macam setan!!!!!!!!

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