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Friday, November 21, 2008

Count Cain manga

Currently reading Count Cain manga online in onemanga (and save the pics so I can have the whole collections in my hard disk. Not 'coz I couldn't download it elsewhere, it's just that my antivirus is not the superpower one so I don't trust any downloading in the internet...). This story is so cool, I tell you. So mysterious, so dark, so deep... I sunk into the darkness of misery they brought me into (wulamak! ayat...!)

The story revolves around the political, mysterious and miserable life of noble families, especially the Count's family. The Count himself has a terrible past involving his mean father and how he was born. And to live in a family who collects poisons as a hobby, he grew up to be a smart but cold-blooded guy. He inherit the title Count by killing his father, but soon discovered that his father is still alive. Along with his new foster son, the father hunts the Count - to suck out happiness off the Count as a revenge, and for fun.

It's such a sick story. But you better read it (but if you are shoujo reader, ignore this). For those who have finished reading it, well.... Sorry la for being so outdated! lol

p/s: And there is a continuation of it, Count Cain - God Child. Still haven't come to that. The connection is soooo slow..... T-T

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