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Friday, April 24, 2009

Aren't they a little..... hurmm.... FUNNY?

8.20 pm:
Stock up the chopsticks and tissues for each tables. Better be ready before customers barge in!

8.35 pm:
Four tables were occupied. One of them (Table #12) is a Malay family with a mommy, a daddy, and a sonny.

9.15 pm:
The Malay family left. Clear the table, I check:
-Mess on the table: not so much.
-Tissue: still got some more.
-Chopsticks: none.

None! I remember stocking up the chopsticks for that table. And now the box is empty? Oh yeah... They left a chopstick cover, with the chopstick is gone. Haha...

Well, for customers to take home chopsticks is not forbidden
. You're welcome to take them as souvenirs (?). But to take ALL of them? Not to be stingy, after all the chopsticks are for free. But, aiyooo... Jakun sangat sampai habiskan semua? And the box are filled with 20 - 25 chopsticks!

Adeh... Malays.... Sometimes they can be so extreme when it comes to something out of their tradition,huh? (I'm talking about myself too! *smirk*)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm off today, and have no plans or dates (haha... like I have a partner for dates anyway) whatsoever. So I just head to my college to search for company. So lazy, so I only grabbed anything on my wardrobe to be worn:
  • old red-and-blue stripes T-shirt : check!
  • baggy faded blue denim : check!
  • old boots (never been used for a year now) : check!
  • crumpled black tudung (seriously) with ends unpinned : check!
  • no feminine accessories and make-ups on : check!
Done! Now I look as sempoi and serabai as ever! Not feminine at all and so in the like-I-care-what-you-think-with-my-clothes look.

But just when I was about to leave the house, my mom called to remind me that I have a dental appointment today (OMG!) and that she decided to come along (double OMG!!). And my dressing at that time was waaaaay out of my mom's permission.

So, I grabbed my sweater (although it was so hot outside!) and change my footwear to my new sandal bought by my mom (if I don't wear it, my mom would grumble. huuuuuu.....).

When my mom look at my feet, as expected, she said, "haaa.... kan cantik pakai sandal tu... takde la nampakkan sangat pakaian tu teruk."

I looked down to my feet and whisper to myself: "yeah, love the sandals. and it has HUGE flower decoration attached to it! so un-macho! so not for my clothes at that time! soooooo wrong! waaaaaa......."

But come to think of it, why should I care? Wasn't I in the mood of like-I-care-what-you-think-with-my-clothes mood??? Silly!~

Oh, btw, the title "seksinye...." has nothing to do with this post. That's all~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Found any screws on the floor? It belongs to my brain!

Who said to be in a group of guys (if you're a girl) is heaven?? Think again.

One thing about a girl stuck in a group of guys in her workplace is that she might gradually turn to be their kind.

And that's what I think is happening to me.

One of the many favourite past-times of these guys during working hour is checking out chicks that come by. Then, you know... Guys... They will be how guys should be doing. And sometimes... well... I kind of join them with their CIO ("check it out") activity and their dirty talk (err... but I usually just laugh without saying or suggesting anything).

But you know, once you've get used to this kind of stuff, you'll automatically learn how to improve yourself in this. And yeah, I learned a lot about CIO kinds of chicks and and all that. And how to think like guys think when it come to chicks.

And you know, if this goes on, I think I might turn to be someone who is fond of my own kind (female). Not lesbian, definitely, but maybe close to that. UhhhHHhhh!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!! Nauzubillah!! God forbid me to be that kind of person!!!!

Hey, why did I use 'chicks' and not 'girls'? But to replace it with a proper word would be weird..... Adeh.... Something wrong with me....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What makes a girl (and guy) cry

2 months ago, I found one of my BFF moan over some scene in Code Geass - Lelouch the Rebellion, R1. She cried so hard, her eyebags were so obvious on the next day. I thought, oh Miss H and her usual dramatic feeling - she cries over some tragedy in the anime. Ow, she's so cute!~ I was actually laughed at her.

Last night, I finished up the series for R1 (or some calls it Season 1), and found my face wet in tears. My eyebags were much bigger, and instead of having panda eyes, my eyes actually looked like a mole-rat's! I actually cried, so hard, and it's all for the sake of an anime!!!!

OMG, I was so heartbreaking! A brother to do just anything for her sister, even if that means he has to sacrifice his humanity and his own first love cum his beloved stepsister. And to go against his best friend....

Adoi.... I'm so not good at describing, in Malay, and especially in English. You guys should watch this anime. It's a mecha type of anime, more like a futuristic one. All the brilliant strategies in it, all the slice-of-life kind of stories, all the twist, you guys gonna loveit! No matter if you like a mecha anime or otherwise. I never really into mecha anime before too, but I LOOOOVVVVVVEEEE this story!!!!

p/s: I'm not an otaku. Or so I thought.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jung Sungha - Have you heard of this name?

No?? You mean you've never heard of this little guy? Man, you're so out-dated! If you're checking this blog, means you like to wander around on the net. And meaning you must've been doing a lot of bloghopping and vid-streaming. Yet you don't know this kid?

For those who does know, well, happy knowing. ^____^

To be honest, I just found out about this little guy too, in youtube. Hehe... He's a fingerstyle guitar prodigy, and he's so amazing that I literally dropped my jaw watching him playing!

Here's some vids I got from youtube. And he played them when he was 11 or 12. Let's drop our jaw together, shall we?

Amazing, isn't he? And lots of his vids got viewed more than 1000 000 times!!!

For more of his vids, well, you can check them out in youtube Ala... macam tak biasa pulak....

Or you can check his myspace myspace.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who said ignorant is a bad?

In my workplace, the mood goes around my supervisor. If he's not in a good mood, don't ever mess up with him, or he'll throw you out in no time (just kidding. but I do think he's able to do that..).

And this evening I spilled his air sirap on his of piles of paperwork! Air sirap on the paperworks!!!!

I quickly dried them up with tissues, and took some of the paper to the toilet to be dried with hand dryer. But still, how can I wipe all of the redness on the paper? Paper is meant to absorb!!

And when he came back to the desk, guess what he said....

"Sial, sape habiskan air sirap aku??!!"

And that's all he cared about.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Multi-racial Malaysian... Ain't our people interesting?

Having to work at a restaurant that doesn't serve Malaysian food is fun. I'm not talking about the tiresome chores, I'm talking about the people that come dining in it - especially those who are not really familiar with such delicacies.

There's one time, a makcik around her 40's or 50's asked me: "Dik, takde CILI API ke?"

Of course I said no (with a smile).

A few minutes later, "Dik, kenapa tak de CILI API ek? Tak sedap la makan macam ni..."

I just grin - don't know what to reply.

A few minutes later (again)... "Dik, tak sedap la takde CILI API. Tak boleh ke tolong belikan kat Carrefour?"

Adeh... Makcik... You're so funny. Oh well, she's the okyakusama (customer), so I have to be polite. I grinned again, a bigger grin.


She came to my manager:

"Ada tak borang nak komen? Nak komen, tak de CILI API"


And she's dining in a Japanese restaurant, where CILI API is a stranger here!~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough will wear me out...

One of the thing about being the ONLY waitress in a group of waiters in the restaurant is that sometimes you cant avoid being the center of mental abuse.

Especially now that Sushi King is holding a bonanza. Gila ramai customers!

And when things go crazy, there's nothing like a girl having her "menstrual moment", but it's the guys having their PERIOD and the girls having the PAIN! Some of the guys will be so cerewet that the girls will get the heat!

And together, we're the *SENGGUGUT GROUP!

ceh! whatever~

*Senggugut means period pain (in Malay)

Friday, April 10, 2009

When there's so much to say, there'll be nothing coming out of your mouth

I don't know about you, but for me that's always the case. I'm a talkative person, and my mouth can be like a popping pop corn. But when there's too much to tell, I can become so quiet - probably too confuse with so much information in my head. After all, the processor in my head is an old version, it's too simple and unable to handle complex matter.

And a lot of things happen after my last entry.

But because of the reason I stated above, I was unable to write any post.

Hehe... how's my excuse? Acceptable, isn't it? ^_^