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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Madagascar 2 - must watch!

Huh? Already 20th? Ala.... If only I didn't fall asleep after my dad finished using his broadband.... I suppose to write it yesterday....

Anyway, MADAGASCAR 2 - A must-watch movie, the most hillarious of the year!!!

Went out with my old friends (plus my not-so-little brother) to watch it, and the ticket is selling fast like ayam goreng crispy in Pasar Malam Putrajaya! Lucky Hady is the neighbour of Alamanda (his apartment is just across the road), so he got to get the back row seats for the five of us before noon. But it’s the last row so the seats are 90 degrees, so parallel to the wall and my back couldn’t lay restfully. Err... I’m not blaming you, Hady (not 100% anyway. lol.)

But seriously, you guys out there who’s running out of money, you have to get them somehow. I mean, with your ID, it’ll only cost you RM7 at the most. And don’t think about waiting for it at Speedy or downloading it ‘cuz it’s much much much more fun to watch it on the big screen ‘cuz once you get in, there’s no stopping of the laughing-your-ass-out-loud simptoms. Seriously! Kalah Kungfu Panda!

Yeah, I know... Madagascar 1 wasn’t all so laughable if compared to Kungfu Panda... But Madagascar 2 is different, watch it! Watch it! (and I'm not exaggerating, 'kay!)

Anyway, I challenged Syahir today, on who can collect the cinema tickets the most. He was all bragging about how he’s been collecting the cinema tickets since he’s out of Matrics., so I kinda have a thoughts “why wasn’t I do that? I’m a cinemalover myself. I’ll beat Syahir in no time!”. But no cheating, ‘kay! None of us are allowed to take other people’s ticket (I may not know it, but Allah tau Syahir....*wink*). Hurm.... I already have Madagascar 2 and Quantum of Solace (watched it last week, which is rather a disappoinment. And no more cinema until I get my loan again next month. So pokai.... T-T )

This is my second ticket for the collection. Don't worry, I won't be using my brother's ticket. Adik! Take this! Eh? The guys are gone! I didn't even take any pic for us! And it's so rare to have Hazmi on the group (since he's been away to UTM all this time...)

2 bebelan orang:

syahir suhaimi said...

woi asal name aku bsar sgt ek... ko bleh la potong aku dah aku terperap je kat MSU nie... wei asal xde picto wei, rosak aku nyer page, followers xde picto... ksian dowh...

Melly said...

Ala... gedik la... skang dah ade dah...

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