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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Founder Of The Island is Talking!

Yuhuuu!!!!!!!! I'm giving a speech, peeople!!!!

Not that you care, anyway... But at least give me an applause...

*clap!clap!* <---my own claps

This is the second week of our semester break but I feel like we've been in hols for a loooooooooooonngggg time! I feed on nothing but junk food and internet, and I'm 'full' now, thank you very much.

I spent most of my time reading on other people's blog which kinda make me feel envious on how free they can write about anything they like, and I thought "what happen to my old blog? what's the name again? hurm.... seems like i already forgot all about it, and i even forgot the password of the gmail i'm using for it! And I just abandoned it for like less than a month! I really proud of you, my brain. You can forget about almost anything but the junky thoughts, huh?

Oh well, how about starting a new one? This time, I'm writing what I think I'm writing. This blog will be about..... y'know.... stuff! hurm.... How long will this blog lasts? We'll see about it... But in the mean time, those who find my blog nice can keep following, and those who don't, just stay away, 'kay!

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