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Thursday, September 30, 2010


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No update for weeks, and suddenly I reappear macam diri bagosss sangat. Ngeheeeeee….

So, this morning in Fly.fm (or was it Hitz.fm?) the topic was:

What kind of picture would you put (on Facebook, Twitter, etc) to represent yourself
(The topic was brought up coz one of the DJ got conned on meeting some “hot” chick which turned out that she only hawt coz the camera is superbly taken)

So... my pix (let’s pretend like you guys really eager to know this)

Awwwwww so cute!~

Hmmm...... *Sigh~*

That’s why I never liked updating picture in my Facebook. If the pic suddenly turn out pretty, then I’m a faker. If the pix won’t look nice, I’ll look stupid. My friends will have to threaten to kill me to make me update me pic (actually, what they want was THEIR pic, which happen to be from MY camera and have MY face in it, sadly).

And even if I voluntarily change my proflle pic, my pic usually:
  • Have only HALF or a quarter of my face only, OR
  • My reflection in the mirror in some unknown toilet (no, not during berak), OR
  • Will not be my face, but maybe my toe, or my ring, etc (don’t worry. There never were a pic of my teeth. Haha… *munch munch*), OR
  • My FULL picture making a FOOL of myself (like, maybe, the pic when I pick my nose *ewwww*)

See? I may not be the most honest person in Facebook, but at least I didn’t lie. I’m not a looker (“ugly” is a harsh word ^__^), but hey, I’m not trying to look cool in the net. Yayyy für mich!

But then again, the majority of my Facebook friends are REAL (not just some blokes I met on *cough* YM chatroom *cough*) so nevermind the picx lah. But if I post some HAWT pix on me, rest asssured that they’ll be like “Wehhhhhh sejak bila ko jadi chanteq?” *Sampai hati~*

To prove it, here's my current pic:
Err... I might have tilted the camera a little bit so that I turned nicer. Heheee (-_-")