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Thursday, April 1, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon : Good, Bad, So-so?

If anyone ever asked me how’s the movie and demand me to explain, I’d only say:


And by the way, that’s a compliment. It’s a short for “Man, that was AWESOME! I never expected my 2 hours would be that worthy and I really thought it was just a stupid animation about Viking and dragons, but here I am trying to explain to you how great the movie is but I found myself SPEECHLESS instead!”


At first, I just came in only to kill time. It’s raining heavily outside and I got nothing better to do at the mall. I had no idea it was an animation. I really thought it’d be something like Harry Potter, or Narnia sort of thing (I had no time to flip over the paper to look for what’s on the screen b’coz of all the final exams and stuff, so I had no idea AT ALL of what the story is about) and I kinda disappointed to find that it’s another animation.

It was boring, the first ten minutes or so (I didn’t look at the watch), BUT THEN, as soon as the Night Fury appeared, I was dancing in my seat! Amused by the cuteness and the amazingness!

And it’s getting even better as minutes goes by. I still remember the part that ******tuuuutttttt!!!!!*******tuuuuuuttttt!!!!*****
(Spoiler alert. Let's just not overdoing it, okay!)

Everything about the dragons completely blanked my mind. It was funny at one time, but erratic and furious at another. It was like having a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy with a sizzling Coke at the same time!!! ^_______^

Well, whoever does not agree with me must be a no-life old hag or a fussy lady boss or a muscle-brainer jock.

Oh, by the way, I wasn't watching the 3D animation. That would probably be even better.

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