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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How the phone dealer cheats you

Like I promised in earlier entry, this entry will cover some tips for you when buying a phone (based on my experience). I know most of you are already aware of this, but this will be a good reminder/guide before you buy a phone, especially when you're buying CHEAP! (Aku tau la... Aku selalu kena all these stuff...)

What THE PHONE DEALERS say.... And what they REALLY mean...

When they say “Ini ori punya woo… Bukan re-conned punya!”

They really mean: “Betul ori wooo… Tak tipu punya. Ori from OUR kilang. And of course, I mean, not a legal kilang. Huahaha. But hell I would tell you that!”

When they say“This one is better than that one lor…”

They really mean: “If you buy this one, better for me. I got more profit lor… People don’t wanna buy that, so the price go down. But hell I wanna let the price jatuh punya. Barulah got more profit! Truth is, I don’t really know which one is better. If I know oso I won’t tell one…”

When they say“Ini baru punya! Lagi bagus wooo! Murah lagi ni!”

(Baru tak semestinya bagus. Especially when you see the spec is way too awesome with a price that low. I know la… I used Sony Ericsson C501. 3MP, great MP3 features, bla…bla…. But later I realized it’s just indah khabar dari rupa. Spec bagus, tapi diorang kurangkan kualiti so that the price is more affordable).

When they say “Beli kedai ni la! Harga murah punya!”

They really mean: “Of course cheap one… This price not included the memory, screen protector, the casing, the charger, bla, bla… I will only tell you after U bayar, then I pasang all these in your phone, then when I’m writing the receipt, I add on the excess fees. Hah! Padan muka you bodoh sangat! I dah pasang, so you tetap kena bayar juga nanti!”
Ni aku selalu kena! Tapi still aku senang tertipu dengan helah ni!

When they say “Hey… With this price haa… You got 1 year warranty woo… Cover everything!”

They really mean:

  • “The warranty is only for the BODY. Not for if anything goes wrong in the system” or
  • Right after you pay, and they are about to write the receipt, they’ll say “You nak install antivirus tak? If not, I cannot give you warranty la… Coz virus can rosakkan your phone. No antivirus, no warranty”. By then, it’s already too late for you to take back what you had paid.

When they say “Don’t worry. Ini warranty, if anything happen, just come back here, we’ll fix it!”

Sometimes, it means: “nanti bila you datang, pandai2 la I kelentong pasal terms and condition warranty ni. Gila ke nak repair free2 je?

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