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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


13 episode in less than 24 hours! Yeaha!~

Ok, that's sounds unintelligent, and sound like I don't have a real life. Only live in craps of fantasy and tv series, etc, etc. But d-uh! After going through 5 final exam paper in 4 days (STRAIGHT!) , I do deserve a little bit of happy moment, right?

And I know some of you might thought I'm so outdated, baru sekarang nak tengok Glee. But in my defence, I'd like to say "I ONLY WATCH A SERIES ONCE THE WHOLE SEASON IS COMPLETE!" Now that's what I call wholesome!

Ok, that's a bad excuse. Truth is, I am outdated. Baru sekarang nak tengok Glee. Heheeee.....

And to those who are more outdated than I am (coz still hasn't watch Glee) or thought that Glee is a lame-O and only for geeks, well, I'd say it must be dull to be you! Your life must be so bleak, it must be miserable to be you! Ugghhh!

So what's so good about Glee? Well, I can't tell you that. It's different for everyone. But one thing for sure, it does makes me feel so gleeful!

So, tips of the day:

Watch Glee and you'll be happy!

And this is how Melati seize it!
(As much as I hate Sue Sylvester in Glee, I still like to say this words, since NOW!)

2 bebelan orang:

.syahirah aziz. said...

kite geng!!

aku gile suke glee.

tp aku suke la sylvester tu. lawak doh die. =D

Mael said...

ugghhh! sylvester tu buat aku sembelit!

aku suka kurt! hehe

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