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Monday, June 1, 2009

The result of the survey is quite..... eh how to describe it ha?

Don't judge a fruit by its appearance! This fruit may look hairy and weird (if you never see it before), but its sweetness and refreshing sensation can make your summer heat as cool as winter! OK, I know, that's exaggerating. Nevermind that.

So, what's the name of this fruit?

Betty in Ugly Betty:
It's tico berry! The model Miss X eats tico berry all her life, that's why she's beautiful! Tico berry is rare...bla.. bla.... only in Brazil....bla..bla... and she is bla...bla............ (needs to be sensored - too long and boring, and too fictional - not good for your brain!)

Mr Mat Salleh:
Owh, I don't really know this fruit, but I heard Malaysians call it ram-bhoo-tarn! Delicious ram-bhoo-tarn!

Melayu sini:
Bongok! Rambutan pon tak tau ke? Macam tahi la ko ni!

Oh, btw, kenapa aku tulis post ni? Saja je. Sebab aku tetiba mengidam rambutan lepas pekena laici kelmarin. Lepas tu teringat lak Ugly Betty episode yang tico berry tu (3 bulan lepas kot, kat 8tv). Isk, bila nak musim rambutan ni?

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