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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kekeliruan Identiti

Whooooaaaa!!!!~ I have a brand new phone!!!!~ Now my long lost phone can be not more than just a memory. (Sorry my K750i... We've been together for 4 years before you left. Let me be with my new love, and go on with my new life. But you'll always be in my heart, but in second place la!). Wohooo!!~~ I love my new phone!!!~



For those who knows me should know that I look older than my old age. That's the fact, and I'm cool with it (and sometimes overproud of it!)

For those who knows my brother should know that he looks bigger than a normal guy his age should be. That's the fact, and most of the time he's proud of it!

For both of us who know each other, one thing we didn't know about us - we shouldn't walk side by side when we're in 'happy' mode. Be'cuz otherwise, this is what happen:

On the train:
I talk, he talk, we laugh. As usual (like what I do when I chat with my best buddies), I cling to whatever close to me - the pole, the door. Before the train stopped, my adik said, "maybe you shouldn't cling and smile like that. You make us look like a couple." Isk, I bet we did! Yucks!

In Imbi:
There were a Celcom promotion, and since I'm a penyibuk, I listen to what the promoter was saying (hehe...). And finally the promoter said, "plan ni memang bagus la untuk couple macam you all!" Huh? WTH!!!

In LowYat:
We approached a promoter, and d-uh... I bet you can guess what he asked us... "Ok, you ni boyfren gelfren kan?"

All these happened on the day we both go to Imbi to get ourselves new phones. All in one short journey!


Wet de menet (wait a minute)...

Is it wrong to be chummy with my own (not-so-little) little brother?

And most importantly, my BFFs said that my adik has my resemblance (or vise versa). So what's with this BF GF confusion?

Here's the pic of the two of us (the pirst pic taken by my new phone):

Erm.... Maybe I shouldn't lean on him.... (-_-")

4 bebelan orang:

.syahirah aziz. said...

gile ah adik ko!!
nmpk besar kot.
transformasi yg berkesan nih!!
kem slm kek dio!!

Nama.saya.Mel said...

Haha.... sgt besar kan? semalam kitorg gi kedai, leh lak akak tu tanye die keje mana. haha... baru form 4 pon!

PaKMaN @ Badut_Mesra said...

memang skang besar2 da pun remaja2... sampaikan den pun tak cam.. awek ni budak skolah ke budak university... tu yg sampai skang tak da makwe.. wakakakaka kompius.. takut terngorat budak skolah.. (sebatan tu.. wakakaka ampons)

Nama.saya.Mel said...

Pakman tanye sape yg bdak skola or bdak U? aku bdak U, tp aku pompuan, so x mgkn ade awek. adik aku baru form 4, dan die xde awek. lol.

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