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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh I'm EFFING You!~

That's so EFFING gewd!~

You're so EFFING gorgeous!~

He's so EFFING cool!~

I'm so EFFING tired of the word EFFING!~

This word "EFFING" was not very common among us. Only few used it in their blogs. But it has been a pandemic ever since Blair said the word in Gossip Girl (She said "Oh my Effing Gawd", I think - I'm not saying 'God' there, coz I'm not 'fucking' my God. I'm respecting my God, and so should you!)

Recall back, before Leighton Meester blurt out the word in Gossip Girl, did you even know the word "effing"? I bet most of you didn't! Oh well, exception to those who never really watch the show, since you just picked up this word from your friends, coz you think it's cool.

It's kinda cute at first, to have people around you copying what's on TV, but when more and more people said it and it's been this way for months, it's not cute anymore. And it's faaaar from ccol. It's what I prefer to call DISTURBING!

Cut that crap out! Let's just stick with the word 'fucking'...

Or unless you didn't know that 'effing' is a British euphemism for 'fucking'... Sounds nicer, but still...

I prefer to say 'fishing'. Looks stupid, but oh well~

5 bebelan orang:

YobSumO said...

okla fucking in a good way... haha effing good!

layan gila kmu gossip girl kan...


Nama.saya.Mel said...

not since this sem break. dah 3 bln x ikuti gossip girl. huh!

but i neva use d word effing, k! i prefer to say damn. teruk but still ok what...

baz said...

bru gua tau.....huhu....losernye aku..

sol said...

ngeh3. aku dah lame gune pkataan effing. hahahaha

cume xsll gune.

n i dont watch gossip girls. i dont stick to series that much. infact i just dont hahahaha.

hail to the word effing!

Nama.saya.Mel said...

ok sol. since ko mmg sjk azali gne 'effing' aku pon kata la kat ko, "sol, cool la ko gne 'effing'!"


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