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Friday, May 21, 2010

Spoiler Alert! Shrek Forever After. Rooooaaaarrrrr!!!!!!

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I watched Shreak 4 yesterday. In 3D! Wohooooooooooo!!!!

3D animation is soooo amazing! The pictures look as though they are floating in the air, and sometimes they look as if they are coming out off the screen! Awesome! RM16 (including surcharges) is sooooo worth it, although the glasses looks like lady Gaga's (eeewww!) but the quality of the shots are sooooo captivating! I wanna get myself a 3D TV!!!!!!

So, anyone wanna sponsor me a 3D TV? Coz the 3D tv are soOoo expensive!

(Ye... Aku memang batak, sebab first time tengok cerita 3D. Hahahha... Macam panda masuk Malaysia!)


The movie was awesome! I don't know if it's because I watched it in 3D or because I watched it with a bunch of goofy friends (opps!) but the movie surely got thumbs up from me. Yayyyyy!!!!!!

I mean, who could have thought a fairy tale movie could have such a twist? You gave out only ONE single day of your life to get a day of your dream, but turn out that THAT one single day you lost HAS CHANGED THE WORLD!!!

Well, that's what happen to Shrek. Like ALL HUSBANDS in the world , eventually the idea of marriage and family starts to feel like a pain in the buttocks, and all he could ever dreamt of ever since is a day that he could feel like a bachelor again (Guys, trust me. You'll be like this too. Just wait! Haha...).

So Shrek made a reckless contract with a wizard - he will get his "one day off" if he is willing to give up the day when he was born. Ok, sounds complicated, but... whatever! Go watch the movie and you'll know!

But instead of getting to enjoy his life being an ogre again (JFYI, after marrying Fiona, he's not the same ogre anymore. He's more like an oggy - not as terrifying no more), he found himself dumped into a huge chaos, where the fairy tale country doesn't feel happily magical anymore.

.....and Fiona has never been saved by her one true love... And she became a leader of an Ogre Resistance. Wow! She's tough!

......and donkey - well, he still talks and sings too much, but he never knew Shrek! And he never got married to the HUGE dragon and never got those tiny donkdragons (I mean, seriously! How can a donkey get together with a dragon? How do they... I mean, got intimate? o_0)

......and Puss in Boots has lost his awesomeness, and got waayyy tooo fat and tooo cuddly, and he's got ribbon in his furry neck! Awww cute!!! But don't worry, he still have his kitten-eyes charm. AWWWWWWW I WANT TO HUG HIM!!!!

And Cookie (is it the right name?) is... errr... still a biscuit, except that he has a weapon now. A lollipop! Oooouuu scary!~

And so, like any other fairy tale, a ONE TRUE LOVE kiss is needed for the spell to be broken. But, in this case, the one needed to have one true kiss is the GUY! Shrek! Hahahaaaa... That is soooo wrong! ^o^

Ok, enough spoiler. Cakap banyak tak guna, lu pegi tengok sendiri. But overall, I love the twist, love the plot, love the intro, and totally in love with the jokes! But there are a few minutes of boredom in the middle though. But don't worry, it was only for a few short minutes.

Hence, I give the movie 4 stars!!!

2 bebelan orang:

akuzle said...

salam, sedari Mel....

owh!! dah kuar eks citer neh?? x sedo pulops...ehehehe... Shrek mmg x penah x best.... tp btui ker ini final chapter?? x der lg dh lopeh neh??

akuzle said...

salam, sedari Mel...

erh, dh kuar eks? x pasan laa plaks... Shrek mmg x penah x best, tp btui ker final chapter? dh x der lepas neh??

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