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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pissed in peace

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This post is not meant to be racist. But it may sound a little disturbing for those who makan cili. (I meant to say "siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedasnya" lol.)

I got a call about a job I was applying online. The caller (a Chinese lady) would like to tell me that I got shortlisted, and that she and I need to meet up. And one statement stunned me:

"Are you a typical Malay girl?"

I was too confused to be pissed, so I asked, "What do you mean by "typical Malay"?

She answered, "you know, with tudung, and big clothes, very quiet one..."

Just so you know, the way she said it sounds insulting. As if wearing tudung and tutup aurat is something very embarrassing. And, 'quiet'??? But still, I acted cool. "Yeah. I'm THAT kind of girl, except for the 'quiet' part. Sorry about that." (Hey, of course I'm not apologizing for tutup aurat. I was just being cynical!)

Probably sensing I felt insulted, she topped: "Sorry. But, you know. I'm just worried that you might not know how to speak English. You know, typically Malay girl don't know how to speak English, and this job requires you to speak English a lot..."

Ok. Insulting much! Just so you know, before these statements went up, I spoke to her totally in English. And she didn't seem to not understand what I said at all (if she didn't understand, she'd be like "what did you say?", right?) Not to brag or anything, but my spoken English is totally fine! Of course, not perfect, but still...!

And on the contrary, her English sounds too Chinese, making it hard for me to understand her speaking! She got to set her tongue straight first, before judging other people's!!!!

And, anyway... What do typical Chinese and typical Indian suppose to look like? And don't say typical Sabahan only wear their Kaamatan clothes, coz that is sooo wrong!

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abid_pm said...

salam cik melati.
baca dari youthsay.

agak rasis sebenarnya disitu.
cuma nak berpesan.
jangan terlalu menuju kebangsaan
tapi marilah menuju keagamaan ;)

cik.no.one said...


nazrirazra said...

Xder eh... cina memang cam tu. Sebenarnya deme nak orang deme je dalam satu ofis sb deme x reti nak cakap melayu. English pun tunngang langgan tapi rasa terrer.

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