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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Game: EAU CYB!

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It's a long semester break, I'm jobless, and I got nothing better to do. So what I do during the day?

Play Eau Cyb!

JFYI, that's the new term that I've been calling it. Short for Eat-All-U-Can-Since-You're-Bored (EAU CYB). Or informally, lots of us call it "Mengembala Lemak". And usually in English they'd rather call it "being a PIG", but since I'm not a big fan of H1N1, let's call it "being a COW" instead, bcoz cow is cuter.Anyway, the EAU CYB game is basically about you searching for any edible things in the house - the fridge, the kitchen, or you can cook something so you can fill up your time by eating them all.

Trick to this game:
Never eat heavy food that makes you feel full easily, e.g. rice, bread, potatoes. Forget the nutrients and balancing diet! We're talking about junk food here. More calories, more fun! More you eat, more more fun!!!

This game is neverending. You challenge yourself to eat without contempleting the consequences. Haha... Isn't that fun??? C'mon... I know you lot are doing the same.... We're all EAU CYBing when bored, aren't we?

And of course, it's not a healthy game. Like any other game like dotA and whatsoever, it keeps you from being fit, thus makes you fat.

That's why I've been stocking up the fridge with apples. Lots and lots of apples! An apples a day keeps the doctors away. Five apples a day keeps my flabs away...and I don't have to eat rice anymore! (I despise rice almost all the time!)

So let's EAUCYBing!!!~
Btw, this is not me. Just a pic I got from Grandpa Yahoo.

5 bebelan orang:

mein melon said...

ko nk kje x? :) jadi salesgirl kt butik mak aku.

Ashraf Suhaimi said...

how do i pronounce 'eau cyb'...(oh god, did i just bit my tongue..?? haha..)

Melati said...

ashraf: ala2 eau de toilette, cuma bezanya de toilette tukar jadi sib.

so eau sib.

get it? hahahahahaha

mein: takpela weh... kang aku keje tak sampai sebulan. aku stat pertengahan jun nih. hehehe thnx anywayyyy

hazimah haze' said...

interesting game!!! haha...
mulut x boleh berenti di waktu saya dok goyang kaki... :P

Melati said...

hahaha btol2... smbil tgk citer korea, kan?

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