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Friday, April 24, 2009

Aren't they a little..... hurmm.... FUNNY?

8.20 pm:
Stock up the chopsticks and tissues for each tables. Better be ready before customers barge in!

8.35 pm:
Four tables were occupied. One of them (Table #12) is a Malay family with a mommy, a daddy, and a sonny.

9.15 pm:
The Malay family left. Clear the table, I check:
-Mess on the table: not so much.
-Tissue: still got some more.
-Chopsticks: none.

None! I remember stocking up the chopsticks for that table. And now the box is empty? Oh yeah... They left a chopstick cover, with the chopstick is gone. Haha...

Well, for customers to take home chopsticks is not forbidden
. You're welcome to take them as souvenirs (?). But to take ALL of them? Not to be stingy, after all the chopsticks are for free. But, aiyooo... Jakun sangat sampai habiskan semua? And the box are filled with 20 - 25 chopsticks!

Adeh... Malays.... Sometimes they can be so extreme when it comes to something out of their tradition,huh? (I'm talking about myself too! *smirk*)

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shopaholichome said...

hye, u ader tanye soklan kt shopaholichome kan..that sling bag mmg muat if nk letak file =)

YobSumO said...

heheh JAKON tu....

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