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Friday, April 17, 2009

Multi-racial Malaysian... Ain't our people interesting?

Having to work at a restaurant that doesn't serve Malaysian food is fun. I'm not talking about the tiresome chores, I'm talking about the people that come dining in it - especially those who are not really familiar with such delicacies.

There's one time, a makcik around her 40's or 50's asked me: "Dik, takde CILI API ke?"

Of course I said no (with a smile).

A few minutes later, "Dik, kenapa tak de CILI API ek? Tak sedap la makan macam ni..."

I just grin - don't know what to reply.

A few minutes later (again)... "Dik, tak sedap la takde CILI API. Tak boleh ke tolong belikan kat Carrefour?"

Adeh... Makcik... You're so funny. Oh well, she's the okyakusama (customer), so I have to be polite. I grinned again, a bigger grin.


She came to my manager:

"Ada tak borang nak komen? Nak komen, tak de CILI API"


And she's dining in a Japanese restaurant, where CILI API is a stranger here!~

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donna said...

ahahaha...klaka je la...

Melly said...
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