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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jung Sungha - Have you heard of this name?

No?? You mean you've never heard of this little guy? Man, you're so out-dated! If you're checking this blog, means you like to wander around on the net. And meaning you must've been doing a lot of bloghopping and vid-streaming. Yet you don't know this kid?

For those who does know, well, happy knowing. ^____^

To be honest, I just found out about this little guy too, in youtube. Hehe... He's a fingerstyle guitar prodigy, and he's so amazing that I literally dropped my jaw watching him playing!

Here's some vids I got from youtube. And he played them when he was 11 or 12. Let's drop our jaw together, shall we?

Amazing, isn't he? And lots of his vids got viewed more than 1000 000 times!!!

For more of his vids, well, you can check them out in youtube Ala... macam tak biasa pulak....

Or you can check his myspace myspace.

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