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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm off today, and have no plans or dates (haha... like I have a partner for dates anyway) whatsoever. So I just head to my college to search for company. So lazy, so I only grabbed anything on my wardrobe to be worn:
  • old red-and-blue stripes T-shirt : check!
  • baggy faded blue denim : check!
  • old boots (never been used for a year now) : check!
  • crumpled black tudung (seriously) with ends unpinned : check!
  • no feminine accessories and make-ups on : check!
Done! Now I look as sempoi and serabai as ever! Not feminine at all and so in the like-I-care-what-you-think-with-my-clothes look.

But just when I was about to leave the house, my mom called to remind me that I have a dental appointment today (OMG!) and that she decided to come along (double OMG!!). And my dressing at that time was waaaaay out of my mom's permission.

So, I grabbed my sweater (although it was so hot outside!) and change my footwear to my new sandal bought by my mom (if I don't wear it, my mom would grumble. huuuuuu.....).

When my mom look at my feet, as expected, she said, "haaa.... kan cantik pakai sandal tu... takde la nampakkan sangat pakaian tu teruk."

I looked down to my feet and whisper to myself: "yeah, love the sandals. and it has HUGE flower decoration attached to it! so un-macho! so not for my clothes at that time! soooooo wrong! waaaaaa......."

But come to think of it, why should I care? Wasn't I in the mood of like-I-care-what-you-think-with-my-clothes mood??? Silly!~

Oh, btw, the title "seksinye...." has nothing to do with this post. That's all~

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