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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What makes a girl (and guy) cry

2 months ago, I found one of my BFF moan over some scene in Code Geass - Lelouch the Rebellion, R1. She cried so hard, her eyebags were so obvious on the next day. I thought, oh Miss H and her usual dramatic feeling - she cries over some tragedy in the anime. Ow, she's so cute!~ I was actually laughed at her.

Last night, I finished up the series for R1 (or some calls it Season 1), and found my face wet in tears. My eyebags were much bigger, and instead of having panda eyes, my eyes actually looked like a mole-rat's! I actually cried, so hard, and it's all for the sake of an anime!!!!

OMG, I was so heartbreaking! A brother to do just anything for her sister, even if that means he has to sacrifice his humanity and his own first love cum his beloved stepsister. And to go against his best friend....

Adoi.... I'm so not good at describing, in Malay, and especially in English. You guys should watch this anime. It's a mecha type of anime, more like a futuristic one. All the brilliant strategies in it, all the slice-of-life kind of stories, all the twist, you guys gonna loveit! No matter if you like a mecha anime or otherwise. I never really into mecha anime before too, but I LOOOOVVVVVVEEEE this story!!!!

p/s: I'm not an otaku. Or so I thought.

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hasszzz said...

sengal ko...kutuk aku dlm blog..huuu..mntg2 aku mmg dramatis..
btw, tu br season 1...season 2 xtgk g...sdey gler r...

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