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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Found any screws on the floor? It belongs to my brain!

Who said to be in a group of guys (if you're a girl) is heaven?? Think again.

One thing about a girl stuck in a group of guys in her workplace is that she might gradually turn to be their kind.

And that's what I think is happening to me.

One of the many favourite past-times of these guys during working hour is checking out chicks that come by. Then, you know... Guys... They will be how guys should be doing. And sometimes... well... I kind of join them with their CIO ("check it out") activity and their dirty talk (err... but I usually just laugh without saying or suggesting anything).

But you know, once you've get used to this kind of stuff, you'll automatically learn how to improve yourself in this. And yeah, I learned a lot about CIO kinds of chicks and and all that. And how to think like guys think when it come to chicks.

And you know, if this goes on, I think I might turn to be someone who is fond of my own kind (female). Not lesbian, definitely, but maybe close to that. UhhhHHhhh!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!! Nauzubillah!! God forbid me to be that kind of person!!!!

Hey, why did I use 'chicks' and not 'girls'? But to replace it with a proper word would be weird..... Adeh.... Something wrong with me....

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YobSumO said...

habisla ko melly...

eh when u do the CIO thing ko blajar la mcm2 mne nak jd that CIO girl... lpstu naik la lg market ko, kn ok tu... xde la sia2 je ko join mereka...

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