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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Try talk to me for the first time – lower down your voice, just a little lower than your usual volume. You’ll find that the first thing I’m going to say to you is “Huh? Apa???” or in some cases I’ll go “Err… ulang balik…”

D-uh~… I’m quarter to deaf already. But ever since I downloaded lots pop and rock songs, I kept playing them with my headphones, loudly. And now, thanks to the intranet owner who let me download those song (now I’m blaming someone else. Haha) , I’m now half-deaf!

Isk... Isk....

It’s kind of embarrassing when talking to my phone – I kept saying “Haa??” and “Apa?”, since I can’t hear them well. And to make it even worse, my phone kept making noises just to disrupt my conversation! Ceh!

Now I feel like an almost-deaf senile granny!!!

But I can’t lower down the volume of my headphones – that would be boring! I refuse to! No matter how many times my cochlea complain! (Adoi…. I’m so ketegaq!~ )

Btw, ketegaq means stubborn. Soooo me!

2 bebelan orang:

YobSumO said...

haha mmg ketegaq la hang ni!

ehh melly aku mcm tu gak dlu, pekak bila mula2 beli mp4... jgn risau lame2 ok balik pendengaran ko... hehe~

Melly said...

really? hope so.... coz up till now, i'm still say a lot of "eh? what?" and "x dgr la". wuuuuuuuu

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