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Friday, March 27, 2009

Human is so weak! Such a tiny attack can get them blown off. Ceh!

So many people around me got sick this week. C'mon guys... How can you lose from the treacherous attack of the wandering homeless viruses? Get a grip! Fight for your health! Uggghhh... That goes to me too... Achooo!!!~

(wait. I'm blowing my nose)

Uggghhh... For the past 2 semesters, I had been getting a cold right before my final exams. And for the rest of the week, I had to be pampered by the thick sweater around me, and the tissue rubbing my nose so it wouldn't be all so stuffy.

But not in this semester! NO! I won't allow that! Still have 2 days to fight, so please, my dear immune system... My mighty metabolism... Fight by any means to keep up with my health quality... Don't betray me at the last minute... It's still fine to have my throat sore and my nose running around (get it? running nose...?), but not the fever... (T-T)


For my housemates, my BFFs, and my friends, please take care of your health. Fight-oh!~

Immune system dear, please don't let us down...

2 bebelan orang:

Zaki said...

oi...ni ke housemate kakak aku? hahaha..

Melly said...

yup! x puas ati ke? haha....

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