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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So, another joke to piss me off.... Ok....WTH!

On the holy day of maulidurrasul, I accidentally called out unholy name of "SIAL". Errrrr..... sorry..... Reflex reaction, man!

Unlike the ordinary usual of ordinary day, the Uniten security polices on that day was extraordinary hardworking. They stopped ALL the cars that passed thru entranced just to ask SILLY question of :

"Nak pegi mana?"

Well, obviously, to Uniten. D-uh~ And whereabout in Uniten is none of their bussiness! Then came second question:

"Staff ke?"

Well, I'm not. But it's still forgiveable - lots of people assume me to be older, thanks to my matured look. But, hello... What is my car sticker for? It's written "MURNI" and "STUDENT". Obviously the car belongs to a female student living inside Murni apartment inside UNITEN!!!

Nevermind. I'm cool. Stay cool. So I replied "Tak la. Student."

Then he looked inside my car - 4 girls at the back and a matured-looking guy next to me - and said:

"4 orang student ke?"

Ohohhhhh..... Now that's over the limit. So what are we at the front seat? MAK BAPAK KEPADA 4 ORANG ANAK POMPUAN YANG BELAJAR KAT UNITEN???????? Both of us do look matured but I'm sure we don't look like a middle aged parents with teenage daughters!!!!!

I drove away with my head boiled up - and worse, I can feel a heavy aura from behind me.... (fyi, the guy's girlfriend is sitting at the back seats)

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syahir suhaimi said...

hahaha... die igt ko joyah dr kg durian sebatang!

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