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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

McD oH McD.....

So, people make mistakes. And sometimes they can be so silly. Whatever... That's what make us human anyway....

McShaker fries - what would it be without the powder that taste like BBQ's. But I didn't heard of any other taste. Until that night when I ordered it at the counter.

McD staff: So, cik nak rasa coklat ke stawberry?
Mel: (Confused) Errr..... Ada ke rasa tu? BBQ?
McD staff: (Speechless)

Only then I realized that she was refering to MilkShake, since I called McShaker as McShake. That was so stupid of me!!~

And when my McShaker was ready,

McD staff: McShaker satu, rasa BBQ.

Amboi, perli nampak????


But I'm not the only one having such a silly McD moment. One friend of mine (a Kelantanese) once made a mistake while ordering.

McD staff: Ye, makan sini ke bungkus?
My Friend: Milo Beng sa! (Milo ais tabur, I think)
McD staff: (frown. maybe thinking "What's that again?") -citation needed-

Haha....he's funny.... This is not Mamak's la wei.... lol ^_^

2 bebelan orang:

i c k i e said...

milo ais la mel.
milo beng se.
cam knal jer klantan tu.
mak yo ker?

Melly said...

bkn mak aku la....
ala... pengunjung mcD di kala demam final exa melanda tmpt kite la... buat2 x knal lak ko

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