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Thursday, December 18, 2008

BECAUSE I'M HOT! And they are, too.

  • My class would start in 5 minutes but I didn't care. I went back to hostel which took me about 10 minutes just so I can drive to grab an iced cocounut at the stalls outside the campus. Why? BECAUSE I'M HOT! And a cocounut drink is so refreshing (and my fav~)
  • Instead of walking to class which only take about 10 minutes if one only walk slowly, Miss N drove her Spike to class, which took her about 15 minutes (travelling, find parking spot, and walk to the building. Why? BECAUSE SHE'S HOT! And with the sun blazing HOT, walking only makes her sweat.
  • The guy I saw in the parking area this morning had a red face. Why? Because HE'S BURNING HOT inside after found out there was a tiny scratch on his Satria and he never realize it before.
  • I met a girl in a sexy top yesterday near the post office (not that I care, I'm not a lesbo anyway). If anybody ever asked her why she dressed up that way, I wonder what she'd answer. Maybe, "BECAUSE I'M HOT"?
  • In hell, there'd be a lot of screaming and moaning. If you ever wonder why, you'll know the people screamed because THE HELL IS HELLISHLY HOT and they are burning inside, screaming "THIS IS HOT!". By then, the HOTNESS they felt before they died felt so WARM and COZY....

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