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Monday, December 15, 2008

SO that's mean I'm CRAZY? Hell, NO!

I googled out about mental illnesses for my writing (I love to write stories, just for fun). I came across several mental illness - phobias and disorders. And I also discover something - I have ALL the symptoms of a disorder called.......


I'm not gonna name it here. It's just too awkward to be said out loud. Well, people hardly notice the symptoms in me (or at least that's what I think), and that's exactly one of the symptoms!

Well, that's one clue I give you.

It's not something harmful, really, but it's crushing me from the inside, very slowly. The effect is gonna take place in me soon, little by little, as was told by those articles. If I don't change my attitude now, I'm gonna be crushed soon (hey, I'm not talking about insanity or anything, okay!).

But, seriously. Just imagine you are in my position. You discover that you have a certain mental disorder out of the blue. It's gonna crash you soon, but people will not notice that since the illness is gonna consume you so slowly that people just think you're just a normal care-free person who just being herself!

I dunno why I'm posting this. I don't even know why I care, since it's not a serious matter (as I see it. I mean, people will never think I'm crazy anyway). Adoi la... What am I writing?

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