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Friday, December 5, 2008

Movie for This Week

This is my first movie since I got back to college.


Was it just me or the movie is kinda frightening? I screamed twice at my seat. So embarrassing! But the lady sitting behind me seemed to be more frightened. She went "Allahu akbar" all the way! Haha... Funny lady...

The video... I kinda feel dizzy watching a view of the lens of the cameraman. The cameraman suppose to be a professional one, since he has to record a video for the host for a reality show (it's like a discovery program).

But the good thing about this movie is... it's not a ghost story - it's about a fatal disease which is similar to rabies but a worse one. So all the scary faces on the character makes a little sense, and we won't be like "oww.... that's so fake~" (although i think they overmade the character's faces). And the story is full of suspense, and makes us wanna know more on what's going on in the movie. I like it when I scream! ^o^

Overall, I give 3.5 out of 5! *Applause*

My opinion: You better watch it in the big screen, not on DVD or on PC - it'll make the suspense go away....

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