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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beauty and The Beast

I just watched the animation movie Beauty and The Beast. That was my first time watching (surprising, I know. I mean, it's a must-see movie to be watched back when I was a kid, and the movie had been on screen for about a decade, I think).

Well, I wanna make a confesion.

It may sound lame, but.....

I cried!

True! I cried watching it! Well, for those who know me should know that I dont cry for silly reasons. And to cry over the injured prince who I knew all along that he was gonna have his HAPPY EVER AFTER in a minute... for a 19-year-olds, that was SILLY.

But there's one thing that came to my mind:

If the worse-looking is the guy, we call "Beauty and the Beast". But what about of the not-so-good looking (well, i cant say ugly...that's harsh, even for me...) is the girl?

Handsome and the Hare?

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