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Sunday, May 24, 2009

5 Golden Steps - To Be The Favourite Employee!

My manager (#@%$#@!!!) say this a lot of times: "working and studying is two different experience. Working is waaaaay harder. You'll learn as you work.

Yea. I did learn - on how to make working waaayyyy easier! It was easy, and proven to work (on girls)!

1. Be extra nice to the boss!

Get close to your boss. Who knows if you can change the status from just "employer-employee" to "scandal/it's-complicated". That would be so convenient!

2. Help the boss at his desk!
It's just a helping hand, not like you gonna do ALL his work! The good thing about this is that it gives you extra credit as an employee; and most importantly you are able to get away from tasks you dislike with an excuse like "Hello, I'm helping the boss here!~"

3. Kiss up the boss's butt!
Not literally! But almost as dirty. But why should you care about what people say, right? You can serve him something he doesn't get to eat often, like Starbucks or double scoops of Baskin Robins (hey, he may earn thousands, but he also have thousands of liability!). Or maybe some massage too.

4. Know just everything about the boss
From his working life to his personal life, and maybe his private life too. You don;t need to be sneaky and spy him, just use your skills to learn things about him. Poking your nose into his bussiness means the more you can understand him. You can use your knowledge about him to get close to him!~

5. Love what he loves

If he loves orange, eat it with a smile on your face, even though you hates orange, like, forever. You may say something like "urgghh... I hate orange!" but make sure you show an interest that gradually grow in you, like "Eh, it's not as bad as I think. Come to think of it, orange actually taste unique!"

p/s: I hope the person who actually 'teach' me these method doesn't read the post. But if she does, oh well...

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