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Friday, May 29, 2009

1001 Customers Collection

Working as a waitress (as commonly known to public, although we call the post "Service Crew") isn't all that nice. But to serve 1001 people with 100001 attitude is priceless!

Err... Miss?
The end of the month is the busiest week for the restaurant. It's the week for rich people, and rich wannabe, feels like spending so much in our place. And after 2 days of busy hours past, our udon (thick Japanese noodle) was finally out of stock.

Cik B : Give me one Black Pepper Udon (cewah! speaking nampak!)
Mel .. : Sorry miss, but we currently have no stock for udon (rehearsed phrase! hehe)
Cik B : Oh, nevermind (Pause). Then, give me this (pointing at Sukiyaki Nabe Udon)
Mel .. : Errr.... Sorry miss. But that one also have udon in it
Cik B : Oh, tak perasan. Then give this without the udon lah!

Just so you know, that product consists of udon, clear soup, a few slice of of beef, a couple of small tofus, and some onion spring, AND THAT'S ALL.

Wanting rice, but without the rice
Customer : Give me one California Roll sushi. But without the rice, yea!

Friends in need is a friend indeed
Puan A : Dik, makanan lambat lagi ke?
Mel...... : (after checking in the kitchen) Sorry puan, dah nak siap.
Puan A : Lamanya... taknak kawan! Hehe...
Mel...... : (playing along) Ala... jangan la tak kawan. Lagi 1 atau 2 minit je...
Puan A : OK. Kawan balik. (looking at my nametag) Nama Amalina kan? Kita kawan la.

While counting plates to end her bills,
Puan A : Ala Amalina. Tak payah la kira semua. Kita kan kawan...

Sir, you wanna fight meh?
You know how pictures in the menu always exaggerate the niceness of the food. One example in our place is Hotate Kakiage, since it's hard to decorate the product like the Japanese do. And one day, this customer came and order it. And when the food arrived at his table (and I clearly mention the name of the product), he didn't look satisfied.

Mr C : Eh, I didn't order this thing la!
Mel ..: But you ordered this with me just now (showing the order at the bill chit)
Mr C : No la! I'm pretty sure this is not the name! Give me the menu, I show you which one!

The customer flipped the menu to the page only to find that it is clearly stated "Hotate Kakiage". I secretly laughed in victory! But he still looked unsatisfied.

Mr C : Eh, how come the picture is so much nicer ah?
Mel ..: Sorry sir, but some product may look different from the picture. But the taste is still great... (cuba nak ambil hati. Smile!)

A short pause. The customer still not happy.

Mel...: Err, sir. This matter is stated on the back page sir (pointing at the notes at the back page)
Mr C : Ah, how come only say at the back? This is a fraud, woh!

Multi-racial Malaysians!
A group of 4 men, consists of 2 Malays and 2 Chinese dine in together. Suddenly one of the Chinese men call me, and make a signal that he wanna whisper some requests. So I bow down a little as he spoke, "Adik ah, takde belacan ke?". And then one of the Malays said, "Makan sushi mana boleh ada belacan! Sorry dik, uncle ni memang gila belacan!"

Now, who says only Malays eat belacan?

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HFz said...

melly thank for visit my blog..

u have a great blog.. keep in touch :)

Melly said...

mein: rejoice? u mean enjoy? or ronggeng? kitorg slalu je (lebih kurang la). anda sahaja yang tiada masa. huh!

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