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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The reason why Maths teacher shouldn't teach Malay...

SOY bean is good for your health - for the heart, for blood pressure, bla... bla.... I'm not gonna talk facts here, you can get that from Google anyway. But I don't think you can get this fact from googling.

Do you know that soy milk a.k.a air soya is also called air tauhu by some people? Well, not all, but there's a few out there who had been calling soy milk as air tauhu, although it wasn't exactly processed from tauhu (or tofu, as some people call it)

So, I wanna say....

Air soya is made out of soy
Tauhu is made out of soy
By simultaneous equation, we'll get
Air Soya = Air Tauhu

Let's say

Air soya is made out of soy
Tempe is made out of soy
By simultaneous equation, shouldn't it be
Air soya = Air Tempe ??????

EEEEwwwww.... air tempe????
Eating raw tempe is not so tasty, yet air tempe?????

p/s: For those who don't know tempe, tempe is famously known in area with Javanese people in Malaysia (mostly Johor and Selangor). Google it to find out more. Or find me in UNITEN, I'll bring you to Pasar Malam and buy you some

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sol said...

demmm. aku suke air tempe. aku suke tempe raw. rawr~ XD

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