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Friday, February 6, 2009

Internet = double identity?

I believe that a lot of people out there acts as a different person on the net. In chatroom, forums, blogs, they tend to be the person they are not meant to be in the real world - cool, outgoing, funny... (wait! I'm not accusing you cool people are faking your coolness! well, maybe you are, without you realizing it. hehe...)

But I didn't believe I was one of them! But I was... And it was pathetic!

There's a blog I've been following since I first read it. It looks spontaneous, simple, but funny. It kinda killing my ego to say the blog name out loud, but let me give a hint - it is in one of the name listed or will be listed on the right side of this blog (in followers or links? I won't tell. hehe.. figure it out yourself).

I, urm, adore the blog at first, but then comes envy, and followed by desire. I envy the blog to have such a sparkling coolness, and all of the sudden I feel the desire to have such a cool blog (so that people can see me as a cool person, at least in this virtual world of blogosphere...

I began to create a new blog under a new unknown name, and wrote in Malay since that writer writes in Malay (oops? another hint?)and I can write better and cooler in Malay. And I talk about stupid stuff that may attract people to read.

But then my exam came up, and I was all too stressed up to write funny posts, so the blog only lasted less than a month. Haha....

Now come to think of it, I'm so silly to be a person I'm not, and try to act so cool. I'm not all funny. I'm not all outgoing. I'm not all the good criteria that may dazzle others. But one thing I know, I'M ATTRACTIVE, IN MY OWN WAY. I can be funny, silly, mad, angry, talkative, gloomy, confusing, etc. I can be all that, but not in all time. And that makes me and my blogwriting ONE OF A KIND. Not all people may like me, but there's suppose to be some that do.

Realizing my own potential makes me feel waaaaaaaaaayyyyy better and all motivated. And you should, too. YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE, IN YOUR OWN WAY!~

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