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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Silat steps - My Way

Knowledge in silat steps is handy for weaklings who want to protect themselves from physical violence in the world outside their safe zone. Rapes, robbing, kidnapping – you can defend yourself against these kind of violence with steps you learn in silat.

But learning silat is handful for lazy bums like me. And for those with sloppy mind like mine, we sure will forget everything we’ve learned when coming to a desperate situation. But here are some steps that we may not forget, that we may be using it out of reflex. It may not serve the attacker right, but at least we can get away.

  1. Someone choke your neck. You…..

Pull out one of his/her little finger until it cracks. Imagine, to have your little finger cracked, ouch! Painful! And so will the attacker too

Possibility to get away: Quite high, if you can crack it before you are choked to death

Real method: duck, twist your head under the attacker’s arm and get away).

  1. Someone grab your hand. You…..

Shout! Don’t just try to pull yourself and cry. If there’s nobody nearby, you bite! Possibilities to get away: depends on your luck and on the attacker’s strength

Real method: there are a lot of method to twist the attackers wrist. More info, consult a friend who is a silat practitioner

  1. Someone grab your body from the back. You…..

Use your elbow to thrust the attacker’s stomach. Twist your arm so your elbow will act like a drill that digs his/her tummy.

Possibilities to get away: if you have elbows as sharp as mine, the percentage may be high. But if not, at least you can tickle the attacker. Hehe…

Real method: thrust your elbow to the attacker’s rib. When he/she loosen up his/her grab, thrust the “sensitive part” (you know what I mean…) and run.

  1. Someone threat you with a knife on your throat. You…..

Just give your wallet or whatever valuable stuff you have.

Possibilities to get away: high, if money is what the attacker wants. Otherwise, hurm… I wish you luck!

Real method: That is the real method! Even if you duck a little, or you try a simple move, the knife will slit your throat just like that. You may not die from the cut, but you will die of blood loss. If you want to know a more efficient way, learn silat from a real guru.

  1. If someone you love was threatened with knife (as in above), you…..

Exchange place with him/her.

Possibilities to get away: Well, erm… Make sure you pray to God or declare your shahada before doing it, in case you can’t make it out alive. At least you die peacefully, rather than live with guilt burdens you, in case something happen to that love one of yours. Okay, the reason is a little selfish, but, hey, it’s just an opinion! Hehe…

Real method: calm that attacker, use psychology on him/her. And make sure neither you, you loved ones and anyone around him are provoking him. Then, hurm…. No idea yet. Sowieeee…..

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mein melon said...

Melly!!! hug u! hug u! hahaha! aku tatau plak ko de blog gak... thanx fo following blog aku :p~

Melly said...

hihi... welkam2....

syahir suhaimi said...

oit sanggup ke ko buat mcm ko tlis kat If someone you love was threatened with knife... ???

Melly said...

maybe. or maybe not. tgk tahap sefish aku huhuuuuu.... ko try la. lol

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