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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You wish me, I wish you too!~

8th February, the date I was brought to this world 2 decades ago. Wait! 2 decades?? As in 2 times with 10 years equals to 20 years old??? I’m OOOOOLD!!!!!!

But please, rather than 20, I’d prefer "2 decades" of age please… (“2” without “decades” versus “20”, “2” sounds smaller. Hehe…)

Yea… 2 decades had passed since this brat came to life, infinite thanks to my mom. Fortunate for me for coming this far, but unfortunate for those who had been hating me.

My wish for me before blowing my candles:
Long live, good fortune, excellent CGPA, happy, friends, bla… bla… bla…. Hey, you don’t expect me to say out all my wish here, do you? That is so….. RAHSIA WANITA!

My words for my friends:
**For those who remember my birthday, thanks for the wishes! (^o^)
**For those who remembers but couldn’t be able to bring forward the wish, thanks for remembering! (^_^)
**For those who remembers but since they are now hating me or they thought we are now just a glimpse of each other’s past, thanks for remembering , and I’m still wishing you could be my present, in peace, no war. (-_-)
**For those who forget, thanks for remembering later (-__-“) (if you never even remembers, thanks anyway, for nothing. Hehe….)
**For those who don’t know, MY BIRTHDAY HAD PASSED! YAY!!!!~~~~

But special thanks for those who were there when the clock pointed sharp midnight (but I still hold a grudge over ‘that’ matter! Unrelated people don’t have to know. Hehe…). Not to forget those who keep me company during day (you guys are so cute when going out. Haha….). And those who brought me the presents (those are very thoughtful, so lovin’ them! Hehe…). And those who prepared the ice cream cake, sedapnya! Thanks soooo very much! And a special thanks goes to my parents, especially (but they never read my blog, anyway...)

I love you love you love you guys! Your name will be carved forever in my diary (I can’t guarantee a place in my mind all the time since I forget easily. Hehe…. But I’ll try ^o^)


(added 25th February)

btw, that cake was a present by one of WEINAM (you don't have to know what it means. Secret~!) And I totally didn't eat the cake alone....<------ just wanna make it clear, since there was some misunderstanding regarding this. wuuuuu..........

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haidan_imia said...

hepi belated bday..
age is just a number..
just dont bother it..
the more important thing..
live life to the fullest!

Melly said...


syahir suhaimi said...

sorry melly x dpt join, nak ambik opah time tu...

sape lg pegi?

irarwww said...

wahh cute nye cake tu!

newayy, thx jd followers!=D

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