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Monday, October 4, 2010

Stating the obvious - the adventure of being in a commuter in Malaysia

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I promised myself that I'm gonna blog about this because I think it's funny. pfft!

[chorus] In case you're a stuck up rich brat that had never been in a public transport before (no with offense), let me tell you:


I guess everyone already know that. It's as though they have this kind of plate number:

You know, it's like a common sense in this world that everything which has the word "public" should never be public-friendly. No, seriously. Have you ever experience a public toilet that rubs your arse softly? ** Okeh, bad joke! (-___-") **

But I somehow stupidly forgot this common sense, and rushed to KTM with this favorite phrase in my head: "How bad can it be?" And it was a Friday noon. Peak hour. Well, pardon me, but it's been more than half a year since I last use a public transportation.

And in case you're a tourist or *insert [chorus] here*:


And yeah, I suffered.

But look at the silver lining. At least I have something to blog about!

Ok, part 1 done. Next time, I continue to what happened next. (talking shit promise again. No, I'm serious. Pinky reddy greeny promise!)

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