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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kepercayaan Melayu: Puyu, untuk halau hantu.

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The only pet that my family have is ONE fish. Ikan puyu, to be exact, or scientifically, it's anabas testudineus (yeah, I just googled. Hey, quite a name he has, testudineus? i hope it's not an obscene word *smirk*)

JFYI, this fella, currently name Babuyu (before this, his name was Amanda, Puyuyu, Miyuu, and... I dunno. He change his name quite a few times) He likes to act cool, and only gets excited when my mom feeds him. But beware if he's startled, coz he will suddenly swim frantically like the world's gonna ends! Like this:

It's so hard to take pic of him when he frantically swim around like this. Thank goodness my phone camera got BestPic features.

And recently, I dunno what he eats that makes him go this way, but he go frantic more frequently nowadays. It's worrying me, since I think there's nothing around that can startled him. But then I realized....

He only go crazy when I'm around him.
He never act this way when it's other people.
Yeah, I'm the source of his shocks.


Am I that oogglay (ugly) that I make him startled everytime I show my face????

Fishy, I'm gonna kill you!!!!

Oh wait. That's a sin! How about this: I'm gonna convince my mom to have a cat in the house, so that when the cat eats him, I can get rid of him without having to have my hands dirty.

Yeah, how about that, you fisho???

And anyway, your name is soooo not cool. I mean, Babuyu??? Are you gay, fish???

p/s: I named him everytime. Serve him right. Hah! And regarding the title, no, puyu tak halau hantu pun. Dialah hantunya kat sini!

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