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Monday, July 6, 2009

Mama, I want to be a smart student! Give me some fish eyeballs!!!! <----tips from GTO

Since my previous exam result wasn't so good, my mom insisted that I should stay home this whole semester. No hostel. (T-T) Say hi to curfews and rules!!~

So, her first order for me was: KEMAS BILIK!!!!

Her order comes with a theme for my room: The room should provide me with the "intellectual environment" so it could trigger my eagerness to study ((d-uh~))

But I have one problem! My room is packed with lots and lots of books, and they are not the "intellectual" kind of books. They're COMICS! Comics and "intellectual" never go along together! Never since before the Age of Civilization of Mesopotamia. Never before the Ice Age!

So which one should I choose? Keep my huge collection of comics and have to listen to my mom's neverending nags OR toss them away and let my mom wins?

Of course I chose my comics! And know what? It turned out that my mom didn't say a thing about it. Truth is, she never really care 'bout my comics. Seriously! Hurm.... My mom's definition about "intellectual" is a little twisted, don't you think? But she said if it is my case, "comics" and "intellectual" can mix together. B'coz I'm so stubborn she bet I'll go on strike if even one of my collection goes missing. And my room will become so dark, full of the blackness of my gloom and misery....... Spoooky, eh?

Hahaha..... She's so right about that. lol.

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YobSumO said...

simpan komik bawah katil

melly BLAJAR!!!!

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